Emogi Launches Sentiment Data Platform for Brands

Company Introduces Real Time Emotional Intelligence to Digital Advertising Through Use of Emojis

NEW YORK--()--Emogi, a data company that provides emotionally enriched advertising and data products to marketers, announces the launch of its sentiment driven platform. Emogi empowers brands with the ability to understand how a consumer feels about their content or products in real time, offering increased engagement by consumers. As part of the launch of the platform, Emogi has partnered with Kargo, the largest mobile marketplace for premium mobile brand advertising, to introduce the industry’s first emoji-enriched advertising offering in mobile.

“Our data science and consumer research teams are constantly uncovering new insights that help our clients better understand consumers in a digital world.”

Using data science and lab research to add insights to campaigns, Emogi utilizes internationally recognized emojis to help brands better connect with consumers and instantly understand the impact of their digital advertising spends.

“Emogi creates unique, data driven relationships with brands to boost overall user engagement and awareness,” said Emogi Founder and CEO Travis Montaque. “The results of our tests indicate the use of emojis drives a 10x lift in response rates while doubling dwell time, and we believe this will be game changing for brands.”

“Our research establishes that both emotional and cognitive factors underlie a consumer’s use of emojis in digital advertising,” said Emogi VP of Consumer Science and Yale researcher David Kalmar, Ph.D. “Our data science and consumer research teams are constantly uncovering new insights that help our clients better understand consumers in a digital world.”

As Emogi's first mobile partner, Kargo will be leveraging Emogi’s technology to offer emoji-enhanced ad experiences to their client base with the goals of enabling richer levels of engagement and gaining a deeper understanding of consumers’ response to mobile advertising.

"We believe that this additive measurement solution will help address the industry's frustration with using CTR as a primary benchmark for success,” said Ryan McConville, Chief Operating Officer, Kargo. “Emogi's technology helps give a voice to the silent majority—consumers. We believe that by empowering consumer response in real time, we will both enable our clients to make smarter decisions and elevate brand advertising in mobile."

“The emergence of emoji-based expression in the business world is empowering companies to transcend language and communicate across several different platforms and across borders,” said Travis Montaque. “We are excited about use of emotional intelligence in mobile display advertising and the potential it will unleash for the advertising industry. This is just the beginning.”

For a long time, the expectations of clients and the methods used by the digital advertising industry to measure have been inconsistent. Advertisers, especially on the branding side, rely heavily on exposure and click-through rate as a means to show engagement and prove advertising effectiveness. These early metrics have not leveraged the opportunity to create a dialogue with consumers now afforded by the digital realm. Emogi goes beyond the traditional approach of exposure to measure whether content can stir emotion. Emogi’s sentiment driven approach was created with the goal to demystify the digital advertising space.

For more information about Emogi or its services please visit www.emogi.com

About Emogi

Emogi's mission is to make the power of expression universally available and useful. By combining big data and emojis, Emogi provides meaningful and real time emotional intelligence to digital advertisers. Through a proprietary emotion engine, Emogi's platform both increases engagement and obtains sentiment data from consumers on the web.

About Kargo

Kargo is the largest mobile marketplace for premium brand advertising. A fusion of creativity, technology and quality, our media solutions empower advertisers to build connections with consumers on the most important screen today—the phone. Through our alliance of elite publisher partners, we enable brands and agencies to reach eight out of 10 smartphone users in the US with memorable, measurable experiences. Kargo was just recognized by Business Insider as one of the “hottest ad tech” companies of 2015.


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