Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook, World's First Culinary Guide to Get Sober and Stay Sober, Debuts at Nationally Renowned Restaurant

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--The world's first culinary guide designed to help drug addicts and alcoholics achieve long-term sobriety made its debut last night at one of the top-ranked restaurants in the United States.

“The recipes are imaginative and delicious. I have looked to them for inspiration and ideas for our own menus.”

Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook was the inspiration for a special addiction-busting tasting menu on June 3, 2015 at Valentino Santa Monica.

Author Joan Borsten; special guest Dr. Kenneth Blum, one of the top addiction doctors in the country; and Piero Selvaggio, owner and founder of Valentino's, discussed how the cookbook will revolutionize the addiction industry.

"Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook is the culinary bible for anyone trying to help addicts and alcoholics get clean and sober," said Selvaggio. "The recipes are imaginative and delicious. I have looked to them for inspiration and ideas for our own menus."

"In fact," continued Selvaggio, "I have been giving copies of Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook to young chefs working at rehabs and telling them that this is their bible. It will teach them to help addicts and alcoholics change their lives around."

Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook's recipes are based in neuroscience. They are designed to help heal dopamine receptors and naturally boost levels of dopamine, the brain chemical that addicts and alcoholics crave, in conjunction with a low glycemic index diet.

"Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook reflects an understanding of the power of food and its potential role in enhancing neurotransmitter function," explained Dr. Blum, whose clinical paper entitled Dopamine for Dinner was just published in the Spring 2015 issue of Molecular Neurobiology, a peer reviewed medical journal. "This cookbook will save lives."

"What's important to realize is that approximately 90 percent of addicts and alcoholics who wish to get help never get treatment for various reasons, including financial," Borsten said. "They struggle on their own to recover. They don't realize that the foods they consume can either help or harm in this process."

Ironically, most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers don't understand the connection between addiction, food, recovery and relapse, according to Borsten. In fact, she says, many of them serve the very foods that neuroscience now tells us will send an addict into relapse, like coffee and donuts.

"It doesn't have to be that way," Borsten said. "We want the general public and the addiction community to know that help for long-term sobriety has finally arrived in the kinds of food that we eat. High dopamine levels can make a real difference and the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook serves up delicious options that can offer real hope and real solutions to those who seek sobriety."

Those in attendance included celebrities who have struggled with addiction like actress Yancy Butler and actor Christopher Kennedy Lawford, who has since become an activist in the recovery community and authored several New York Times best sellers on addiction.


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