Mexico Beach Marina & Yamaha Applauds Passage of H.R. 1335

Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization contains major provisions benefitting recreational fishing

MEXICO BEACH, Fla.--()--Mexico Beach Marina & Yamaha congratulates the U.S. House of Representatives on its passage of H.R. 1335, a bill to reauthorize the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the primary statute governing the nation’s marine fisheries. The House-passed measure reflects provisions that are favorable to recreational anglers and conservation efforts.

“We applaud the House for recognizing that recreational fishing has cultural and economic needs that differ from that of the commercial fishing industry”

Provisions in H.R. 1335 supported by the recreational fishing community include:

  • Promoting a more transparent and science-based review of fishery allocations;
  • Helping ensure that important fisheries aren’t closed unnecessarily by providing limited exceptions for annual catch limits;
  • Improving the accuracy of fish stock information through greater involvement by the states and incorporating data collected by anglers themselves.

“This is a very significant victory for our industry,” said Nate Odum, Principal, Mexico Beach Marina & Yamaha. “Families love to fish; it’s a great activity, and regulations have been keeping our customers from enjoying the resources we should all share. Changes in the legislation will put things back on the right track.

“This legislation in the House wouldn’t have passed without the help of a coalition of conservation groups and recreational fishing groups working together to make it happen. We should also thank the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA), the Coastal Conservation association (CCA), and a lot of others who contributed to this legislation.”

According to data from the National Marine Fisheries Service, saltwater recreational fishing contributes $70 billion annually to the nation’s economy and supports 454,000 jobs in every type of business from marinas, tackle shops and boat dealerships to restaurants, motels and clothing stores.

“I would like to extend a thank you to the Yamaha dealers, boat builders, Yamaha employees, and recreational anglers at large who took the time to contact Members of Congress, and raise their voices for the industry and recreational fishing,” said Ben Speciale, President of Yamaha Marine Group. “This effort continues with the desire to see legislation come to pass out of the Senate during the 114th Congress. We look forward to working with Senator Rubio and Members of the Senate Commerce Committee, on both sides of the aisle, as they lead the effort on the reauthorization of MSA in the Senate.”

During consideration on the House floor, an amendment by Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.) was added that gives NOAA Fisheries the authority to implement management practices better tailored to the nature of recreational fishing. The recreational fishing community also supports the inclusion of an amendment by the lead sponsor of H.R. 1335, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), to better incorporate data collected by anglers into management.

“We applaud the House for recognizing that recreational fishing has cultural and economic needs that differ from that of the commercial fishing industry,” said Thom Dammrich, president of National Marine Manufacturers Association®. “Passage of this legislation is a big step in the right direction for anglers, for boaters -- and for the local businesses that depend on them.”


Mexico Beach Marina & Yamaha
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