Rx Green Solutions Announces Excess of 40% Yield Increase Above Competitors in Cannabis Trial

DENVER--()--Rx Green Solutions, a leading provider of patented technology to increase plant performance, yield and health in the hydroponic industry, today announced the results of the first of many ongoing trials conducted at the industry’s only state-licensed and certified cannabis research and development facility located in Denver, Colorado. The study’s results demonstrated a 44% yield increase and a 1.3% improvement in THC content in the cannabis plants grown with Rx Green Solutions, compared to a large competitor’s recommended program. The combination of these improvements can significantly increase professional grower’s profitability.

“We are the first company in the industry committed to producing hard data on cannabis”

The Rx Green Solutions trial was conducted on the Jack Flash cannabis strain over a 15-week trial period. Rx Green Solutions’ plants were treated with their professional growing program consisting of a two-part natural based nutrient plus Axiom. The competitor’s plants were treated with its recommended three-part mineral based nutrient regime plus three additional additives. Plants were observed from cloning transplants through harvest. Both sets of plants were fed according to their respective companies’ feeding schedules, with all other variables remaining equal, including but not limited to growing medium, pH, lighting and the size and timing of feedings. Trial data measured included dry bud weight, dry trim weight and THC content.

Leandro Mano, Director of Research & Development at Rx Green Solutions Denver facility, commented: “We’re thrilled with the results of this study, as they confirm the effectiveness of our products over a leading competitor. Our goal is to expand this work beyond simply nutrient trials; it is the commencement of a body of scientific production data for the entire industry. We firmly believe the results coming from our R&D facility will positively impact the cannabis industry through higher yielding and better quality plants.”

Rx Green Solutions provides natural based products inclusive of patented technologies that increase cannabis quality and yield for their customers. It also produces viable results on best practices for the wider industry. Rx Green’s R&D facility is the first-of-its-kind. Through its R&D Facility, Rx Green will provide the cannabis industry with scientific data on products and growing methodologies, including evaluating pH, growing medium and lighting and how these variables impact results and profitability. Rx Green will conduct all current and future product development specifically on cannabis to ensure product efficacy on this specific crop.

“We are the first company in the industry committed to producing hard data on cannabis,” said Todd Brady, Founder and CEO of Rx Green Solutions. “There is a great need in the growing community for resources that educate and help growers to produce substantially higher yielding and better quality plants. As medical and recreational cannabis demand grows, we plan to become the go-to resource for information required by producers to increase yield, quality and profit.”

Upcoming Rx Green Solutions studies will focus on the introduction of innovative products as well as provide an industry leading educational platform to aid in improving cannabis cultivation.

About Rx Green Solutions

Rx Green Solutions envisions a future where cannabis growers, grow more informed. The privately held company operates a state-licensed R&D facility located in Denver, Colorado and aims to provide scientifically validated information and natural solutions to growers in the industry who seek to enhance plant performance, increase yields and improve flower quality. Located in over 600 stores nationwide, Rx Green Solutions is the leading solution for those wanting to grow better. Learn more at https://grow-better.com/.


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