Geothermal Honors Award Winners for Technology, Economic and Environmental Advances Announced

RENO, Nev.--()--At the opening of the National Geothermal Summit on June 3 the Geothermal Energy Association will present its Annual Honors Awards. GEA Honors 2015 recognize companies and individuals that have made significant contributions during the past year to advancing technology, spurring economic development and protecting the environment.

GEA Honors 2015 Awardees are:

Ormat Technologies, Inc.- for continuing to advance the frontier of geothermal power with the first fully dispatchable, flexible, geothermal power plant.

Enel Green Power North America, Inc.- for its efforts to advance hybrid geothermal power systems.

Cyrq Energy– for completing the first utility scale geothermal project in New Mexico.

Economic Development and Environmental Stewardship Awards:

Senator Harry Reid- for a career of outstanding support for geothermal energy as a resource with many benefits to the State of Nevada and the United States.

Senator Ben Hueso- for his efforts to advance geothermal energy and restoration of the Salton Sea.

CEC Geothermal Grant and Loan Program- As an outstanding example of a state program that advances environmental quality and economic growth through a sustained effort supporting geothermal projects in California since the early 1980s.

Power Africa- for their support of expanded use of geothermal energy, particularly in East Africa, and engaging the US industry through the US Agency for International Development's (USAID) East Africa Geothermal Partnership (EAGP).

Special Recognition Awards

Doug Hollett, U.S. Department of Energy- for his leadership and vision in geothermal energy research and development.

Thomas Edmunds and Pedro Sotorrio, LLNL- for their work advancing knowledge and research on flexible geothermal contracts.

Ernie Majer, LBNL- for his work advancing the understanding of seismicity and EGS systems.

Jordan Macknick, NREL– for his work improving our understanding of geothermal water usage in a water constrained west.

Dan Getman, NREL- for developing, in collaboration with DOE, the Geothermal Prospector mapping tool which provides an excellent data resource for visual exploration of geothermal resources.

To request press credentials to attend the GEA Honors awards ceremony and National Geothermal Summit at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada on June 3 and 4, please contact Kathy Kent Schott, 202 454 5263, or for more information, please visit


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