Visualant Enters into Option Agreement with Benemilk Ltd.

Quality Testing of Dairy Products Using ChromaID

SEATTLE--()--Visualant, Inc. (OTCQB: VSUL), a leading provider of disruptive light-based technologies, announced today that it has entered into a one-year option agreement with Benemilk Ltd, a joint venture of Raisio plc and Intellectual Ventures (IV), granting Benemilk the right to evaluate its ChromaID™ technology for quality assurance or quality control tests performed in connection with the production of dairy products and to exclusively license such technology on a worldwide basis.

The specific application of Visualant’s ChromaID technology to milk is covered by a patent application filed by IV and licensed to Visualant pursuant to their strategic relationship. The global milk industry is growing rapidly with the increasing milk consumption in the developing world. Today, the global milk industry has a scale that is one-third the size of the global oil industry.

The agreement executed between Visualant and Benemilk is the one of many expected opportunities created by Intellectual Ventures for their partners to work together. Benemilk is the developer of proprietary feeds and supplements for dairy cows, the use of which has been shown to markedly increase milk and milk solid production.

Tim Londergan, CEO of Benemilk Ltd, stated, “It is important to us to ascertain the quality and nutritional content of the milk from dairy cows that are consuming Benemilk feed in an integrated, real time format. That will allow us to fine tune the delivery of Benemilk feed and supplements, providing further optimization and quality assurance. We believe Visualant’s ChromaID technology is uniquely positioned to deliver on this vision.”

Ron Erickson, Visualant Founder and CEO, said, “This is the first agreement involving the potential use of our ChromaID technology with food products. We believe there are innumerable applications of ChromaID to food products throughout the channel of distribution from farm to market and ultimately into the hands of the individual consumer. Food quality and food safely are issues of global concern. We look forward to more activity for Visualant and its ChromaID in this important market.”

About Benemilk Ltd.

Benemilk is a joint venture of Raisio plc and Intellectual Ventures. It is majority owned by Raisio. Benemilk® is Raisio's feed innovation for the benefit of milk producers and cattle. Benemilk® feeds are proven to increase milk yields and improve milk contents. Scientific studies carried out in many countries have shown that Benemilk feeds raise milk production efficiency by almost 10% and increase energy-corrected milk yield by an average of 2.6kg per day per cow. Benemilk feeding has been found to improve fat and protein contents of milk, which make up the largest part of the milk price. What's more, high energy contents of Benemilk feeds combined with good barn conditions also support cattle welfare. For more information on Benemilk, go to

About Visualant, Inc.

Visualant™ is a public company whose shares trade under the stock symbol “VSUL.” We have developed a proprietary technology to uniquely identify and authenticate almost any substance. This patented technology utilizes light at the photon (elementary particle of light) level through a series of emitters and detectors to generate a unique signature or “fingerprint” from a scan of almost any solid, liquid or gaseous material. This signature of reflected or transmitted light is digitized, creating a unique ChromaID signature. The ChromaID technology looks beyond visible light frequencies to areas of near infra-red and ultraviolet light that are outside the humanly visible light spectrum. The data obtained allows us to create a very specific and unique ChromaID signature of the substance for a myriad of authentication and verification applications. For more information on Visualant, visit the company’s new website at

About Intellectual Ventures

Founded in 2000, Intellectual Ventures (IV) is the global leader in the business of invention. IV collaborates with leading inventors, partners with pioneering companies and invests both expertise and capital in the process of invention. IV’s mission is to energize and streamline an invention economy that will drive innovation around the world. For more information on IV, go to

About Raisio plc

Raisio plc is an international specialist in plant-based nutrition. Raisio’s operations are divided into two divisions: Brands and Raisioagro. The Group’s key market areas are Finland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Russia and Poland. Markets for cholesterol lowering Benecol products are global. Raisio plc’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. The Group employs some 1,900 people. Raisio’s best-known brands are Benecol, Benemilk, Elovena and Honey Monster. Benemilk feeds for milk production and Benecol for cholesterol lowering are Raisio’s top innovations. For more information on Raisio go to


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Visualant enters into option agreement to explore use of ChromaID for milk quality control.

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