Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. Launches ChiroCare Centers of Excellence

SHOREVIEW, Minn.--()--Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. (CCMI), a nonprofit that offers the largest independent network of credentialed chiropractors and licensed acupuncturists in the Upper Midwest, today announces the launch of its distinguished ChiroCare Centers of Excellence (CCoE) program.

“This affirms our commitment to promoting and supporting collaborative, conservative, care through CCoE…and across our entire network.”

Dr. Vivi-Ann Fischer, CCMI’s chief clinical officer, convened a National Task Force on Spine Care, comprised of medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic, physical therapists, and researchers from across the health industry. This elite group of thought leaders was tasked with producing a list of qualities that exemplify a chiropractic “center of excellence,” as well as desired characteristics of a comprehensive, conservative care pathway for acute and sub-acute low back pain. The Task Force’s recommendations were used as the foundation and application criteria for the CCoE program.

The creation of the Task Force was prompted by a request from a local leader in primary care who was discouraged by the cost, quality and satisfaction levels of low back pain care options. CCMI had a vision to create a credentialed network of high-quality doctors of chiropractic who adhere to the highest standards of conservative care principles and practices to use as a conservative care referral tool.

“CCoE consists exclusively of ChiroCare clinics that demonstrate the use of standardized clinical protocols and an integrated, collaborative approach to achieving positive outcomes, lower cost of care, and high-quality experiences for patients,” says Vivi-Ann Fischer. “We are proud of the doctors who submitted to the rigorous CCoE application and assessment process, and are excited to announce this prestigious designation has been awarded to 32 clinics, consisting of 68 doctors, for our 2015 program.”

The CCoE clinics will serve as a model nationwide and are currently being used to test a new care pathway designed to produce the best possible results by applying collaborative, conservative care principles and practices. The full CCoE list and additional details can be found on the ChiroCare website ( Also, CCMI’s “Find a Doctor” web page enables patients to quickly search for CCoE chiropractors in a specific geographical area based on insurance provider and/or ZIP code.

Research indicates over 80 percent of adults will experience back and neck pain at some point in their lives. In fact, this health issue currently ranks as the second most common reason for medical visits, trailing only to upper respiratory infections. Back pain is considered the leading cause of disability worldwide and, while estimates vary, it is generally believed that about $90 billion is spent on the diagnosis and management of low back and neck pain each year in the United States. An additional $10 to $20 billion annually is attributed to economic losses in productivity. Numerous research studies now indicate chiropractic care is demonstrating significant improvements in the treatment of uncomplicated back and neck pain.

“We recently conducted a survey that revealed nearly 73 percent of patients with neck and back pain said if they could start treatment over again, they would choose the least invasive treatment first, rather than resorting to pills or surgery,” says Tabatha Erck, CEO of CCMI. "This affirms our commitment to promoting and supporting collaborative, conservative, care through CCoE…and across our entire network."

About Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc.
Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. (CCMI) is a nonprofit organization whose top priority is providing its customers with products and services that improve the health of their members and employees. CCMI employs experienced subject matter experts who develop and manage value-based physical health network management products and services, and offers access to the largest independent network of credentialed chiropractors and licensed acupuncturists in the Upper Midwest. Founded more than 30 years ago, CCMI developed ChiroCare, the nation’s first chiropractic network, and remains at the forefront of managed care today. The nonprofit’s mission is to improve the quality of life in communities by delivering high quality, value-based services to approximately 1.5 million eligible members of CCMI’s contracted customers. Its select network includes more than 2,200 providers throughout the Upper Midwest states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


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