Female-Focused Professional Development Company Changes Name, Welcomes Men Into The Fold

NEW YORK--()--The New York City-based Women’s Advancement Compact (WAC), a unique community of business professionals with their eyes on career progression in a challenging corporate culture, changed the name of its company, it was announced today. The new moniker “DRIVEN Professionals” was unveiled at the company’s spring community event, hosted by the law firm Dorsey & Whitney at their NYC offices.

“This is truly a diverse and driven group of individuals”

“This is truly a diverse and driven group of individuals,” says WAC community member Robyn Brooks, a corporate recruiter at Stroz Friedberg. Brooks crafted the name DRIVEN Professionals, which won the most votes through an online ballot featuring more than 75 relevant new-name ideas contributed by community members. The outreach was generated through a grassroots Facebook campaign, the idea of board advisor Carter Clawson, who recalls asserting, “Let's be transparent and open with the entire organization, ask for their help with the name change, and then watch the creative responses roll in.”

WAC founder Deborah Goldstein realized her 2-year-old company had outgrown its name when board advisor Megan Harnett suggested it could be mistaken for a women’s group or feminist movement. It was decided that an ideal new name should send a message to businesses that the advancement of professional women includes participation from men.

“When I saw the name that got the most votes, I felt a bit like Dorothy,” rejoices Goldstein. “The answer was always in my own backyard,” she says, acknowledging that “driven” is a word that had been prominently featured on her website to describe the focused and ambitious nature of the women and men attracted to WAC’s events. “The efforts of evolved corporate men are integral to the success and well-being of women in the workplace, and to the cultivation of what women bring to the table for their companies’ bottom lines.”

“Before the big announcement,” recalls Goldstein, “I had the typical unwarranted reservations and fears about how the new name would be received. Those feelings quickly dissipated during the elated applause, because I knew that so many in the audience had been contributors to the process.” This was apropos of the presentation by Cara Power of Cara Power Coaching about overcoming workplace fear, which commenced following the new name announcement.

Despite the name change, DRIVEN’s initial mission and service formats will remain in place. In addition to its live and virtual events and workshops, DRIVEN intends to remain recognized for providing business networking opportunities preceding and following each feature presentation. "It’s rare to find an organization in which so many types of people from so many professional backgrounds are represented,” declares Robyn Brooks, who speaks from experience when she describes DRIVEN’s event environments as “inviting and not pretentious.” Brooks adds, “I always know I will learn something new, be inspired and make a new connection.”

About DRIVEN Professionals

DRIVEN (drivenpros.com) is a professional organization whose members share the common goal of career advancement, while integrating family life and personal growth. Services focus on professional and business development as well as addressing modern lifestyle challenges. DRIVEN offers businesses the opportunity to outsource or bolster existing women’s initiatives with the bonus of networking across industry lines. Their events are beneficial to both women and men.


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