MamaBear Inspires TeamSnap, Hot Moms Club and FlipBelt to Honor Moms Around the World for Mother’s Day

With Promotional Support from Hot Moms Club and FlipBelt, MamaBear and TeamSnap Will Offer Free Premium Service to Those Who Sign Up During the Month of May

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--MamaBear, the leading mobile application for protecting and connecting families, announced today that it is joining forces with TeamSnap, Hot Moms Club and FlipBelt, and aligning their collective focus on providing solutions to support mothers and their families, to honor mothers around the world. Together in recognition of Mother’s Day, MamaBear and TeamSnap, with promotional support from Hot Moms Club and FlipBelt, are offering free premium service to anyone who signs up during the month of May.

“We are committed to supporting mothers in so many aspects of their lives, and this allows us to expand the ways that we can make a difference.”

MamaBear is providing free premium access to The Ultimate Parenting App™ for the rest of 2015 to anyone who registers during the month of May. MamaBear’s mobile application fosters Peace of Mind Parenting™ with a powerful all-in-one safety and awareness tool that gives parents unique social media monitoring functionality; family mapping, newsfeed and networking capabilities; and critical notification and reputation management tools, including alerts to cyber threats toward their children.

“We wanted to do something special to honor moms on Mother’s Day as we know that all MamaBears have the huge responsibility of protecting and managing their families every day of the year; we believe that this gift will help to simplify their lives and also provide peace of mind,” said Suzanne Horton, President and CEO of MamaBear. “Our mobile application is the most comprehensive time-saving tool to meet the rapidly growing need for a private family digital resource that gives parents reassurance at a glance that they know where their children are and what is happening in their digital lives. We are proud to be partnering with three great companies that recognize the importance of providing technological solutions to meet the challenges of parenting in an increasingly complex social media environment.”

TeamSnap, which is integrated into the MamaBear application, is offering four free months of its Ultra Plan for users who sign up in May. TeamSnap is an efficient and powerful family tool that organizes children’s team sports activities and allows parents to better manage details about games and practices.

"A parent's job is never done," said Ken McDonald, Chief Growth Officer of TeamSnap. “There's always work to do, meals to plan, activities to organize, and the list goes on. As parents, we do it all because we love our families, and in honor of Mother's Day, we are recognizing and honoring mothers around the world – the selfless family champions – by offering free access to our valuable organizational application for the next four months.”

Hot Moms Club, a valuable digital resource that provides beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips to help moms live a fashionable life while managing their families, and FlipBelt, which makes the wildly popular and stylish waistband storage accessory for cell phones and other essentials, are providing critical promotional support to MamaBear and TeamSnap in a four-company strong collaborative effort to recognize and honor mothers around the world during the month of Mother’s Day.

“We are delighted to be part of the effort by MamaBear and TeamSnap to honor mothers around the world by offering free access to their valuable solutions that help parents care for their children and families more efficiently and help keep them safe,” said Natalie Klein, President, Hot Moms Club. “We are committed to supporting mothers in so many aspects of their lives, and this allows us to expand the ways that we can make a difference.”

“Mother’s Day is about recognizing the women around the world who perform the most difficult and important job there is – being a parent,” said Jimmy Do, FlipBelt. “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to contribute to what MamaBear and TeamSnap are doing for parents, and we hope with our support, many more people will learn about and have access to the important parenting tools they offer.”

About MamaBear

MamaBear is the leading-edge, mobile, all-in one parenting app that creates a private family communication hub providing parents with an efficient way to communicate, locate, organize and protect their children with peace of mind in this complex social and digital media age. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play. The company was recently featured as a “top app for parents” on The Steve Harvey Show and Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia, and has been recognized by CNBC as one of the “World’s Most Promising New Companies.”

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Nearly 7 million users around the world use TeamSnap to coordinate sports and other ongoing activities. For more information, please visit

About Hot Moms Club

Founded in 2005, Hot Moms Club Inc. (HMC) is an online magazine with a simple philosophy, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’ HMC founders and contributors Jessica Denay, Joy Bergin and Natalie Klein keep their finger of the pulse of mom trends, connect with the leading experts in the world of parenting and style and thoroughly test the newest and best products, with the ultimate goal of keeping their readers and celebrity clients informed about what will make parenting, and life in general, easier.

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FlipBelt is a company based in colorful Colorado that is led by a health conscious, motivated and creative team. We’re passionate about creating functionally simplistic products that enhance a person’s lifestyle while building a supportive community that spreads the love with everything we do. Our concept was built on personal experience of being unable to find a unique solution that helped us during our endeavors. Thus, FlipBelt was born.


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