National Travelers Coalition Appoints Executive Director

Trey Bohn to serve as executive director, primary spokesman for grassroots advocacy group Travelers’ Voice

WASHINGTON--()--Travelers’ Voice, a coalition that advocates for a better flying experience for all Americans through access to a competitive, efficient and safe air travel system, on Wednesday announced the appointment of an executive director, Trey Bohn.

“Having him on board creates some exciting possibilities for this growing organization.”

Travelers’ Voice supports improved airport infrastructure, advanced aviation technology, and better consumer protections that benefit our nation’s economy and keep America globally competitive. The group is currently developing a set of policy principles it believes will improve air travel in the United States, and will aggressively advocate through its extensive grassroots network and dynamic communications and social media platforms, such as @TravelersFuture on Twitter.


“I am excited to help grow a platform that allows me to represent travelers on a national scale,” said Bohn. “A number of critical issues threaten the quality of air travel, including outdated airport infrastructure and a decline in airline competition. Passengers are frustrated by a range of concerns, from fees that seem excessive, to disappearing onboard personal space, to delays and cancellations that are more prevalent than ever. Not a single American airport ranks in the top 25 internationally, and a growing number of our domestic markets are drastically underserved. Our traveling experience can and should be better, and Travelers’ Voice is committed to fighting for an American aviation system that is once again the envy of the world.”

Trey’s personal and professional travel experience, having spent 2014 undertaking a solo trip that circumnavigated the globe - visiting over 20 countries on five continents - has given him significant insight to serve as the voice of travelers as they seek policy solutions to improve air travel in an increasingly competitive global market. (See Trey’s trip on Instagram @bohnsvoyage).

“Trey’s travel experience gives him the credibility to speak for the folks flying in coach, while his political experience gives him the know-how to get some of these problems solved on behalf of the consumer,” said Ed Rendell, former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania and Travelers’ Voice co-chair. “Having him on board creates some exciting possibilities for this growing organization.”

“Travelers’ Voice plays an important passenger advocacy role, calling for enhancements in infrastructure, technology and services that will greatly improve the air travel experience for the nearly one billion passengers traveling America’s skies each year,” said Jim Talent, former Republican U.S. senator from Missouri and Travelers’ Voice co-chair. “I look forward to working with Trey, as his strong day-to-day leadership will be invaluable to achieving the coalition’s goals through a defining period for the air travel industry.”

Most recently, Bohn was the president and founder of Vista Group - Panama, a full-service public relations and industry development consultancy based in Panama City, Panama, from 2010 to 2014. There, he worked to assist public and private sector clients in international media and tourism, film production, and international sporting events that positioned Panama as a premier business, investment and tourist destination.

Prior to his professional experience abroad, Bohn served as a White House spokesman from 2006 to 2009; and as director of radio media from 2003 to 2006 in the Office of Media Affairs.

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Bohn holds an MBA, a master’s of science in financial planning, and a bachelor’s of business administration in marketing from Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University.

Travelers’ Voice is a united network of flyers and businesses that supports access to safe, efficient and commercially competitive air travel for all Americans.


Travelers’ Voice
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