Helomics, Prime Health Services Sign Contract to Expand Access to ChemoFx® And Comprehensive Tumor Profiling

Open Access for ChemoFx® And All Helomics’ Products

PITTSBURGH--()--Helomics™ Corporation, a privately-held comprehensive personalized healthcare company that provides comprehensive tumor profiling utilizing proprietary live cell and fixed cell products and services, announced it has signed a contract with Prime Health Services, Inc., a national preferred provider organization network, to provide open access for all of the company’s products and services for patients with cancer.

Prime Health Services members, numbering 700,000 + and represented in all 50 states, now have access to Helomics' full suite of comprehensive tumor profiling products for live and fixed tumor cell assays. Helomics recently achieved the important milestone of receiving CPT codes for its flagship live cell assay, ChemoFx®. In the future, this will allow for an accurate, unique description of this key tool as it is used during the treatment decision making process managed by physicians.

ChemoFx is supported by numerous publications in significant peer reviewed journals, including six publications in the last 15 months. A recently published 10-year study showed ChemoFx has an increase in Overall Survival (OS) of 50% and Progression-Free-Survival (PFS) of 14 months. Another recently published study, showed that using ChemoFx to inform treatment decisions in ovarian cancer patients has the potential to be cost-effective in both platinum-sensitive and platinum-resistant patients. ChemoFx provides a greater level of informed decision-making in delivering standard-of-care (SOC) and NCCN guideline treatment modalities.

Neil J. Campbell, President & CEO of Helomics, said, "Prime Health Services is leading the way in improving and expanding cost-effective cancer treatment options. This contract is an exciting opportunity to bring our comprehensive tumor profiling suite of products to more patients in need and to the physicians that treat them. The combination of ChemoFx treatment selection markers, PCAP™ live tumor cell platform, and Helomics’ complementary genomics and proteomics products, provides physicians with treatment insights that allow for a truly personalized approach to treating each patient’s cancer.”

About Prime Health Services Inc. (Prime Health)

Prime Health is a national Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) founded in 2001 and based in Brentwood, TN. Prime Health Services is a leading national medical cost containment company that offers a full spectrum of services, including a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) ready for access and other cost containment solutions. Prime Health's cost containment services are tailored to the workers' compensation, group health, corrections, Medicare, and auto liability markets.

With over 700,000 providers nationwide, Prime Health's network is available to the insurance carrier, TPA, self-insured and captive insurance markets. As one of the largest multi-product networks in the nation, we strive to provide optimal customer service along with deep discounts and extensive coverage tailored to your needs. For more information please visit: http://www.primehealthservices.com.

About ChemoFx®

ChemoFx® is a treatment marker for chemotherapies. It's an assay that quantifies an individual gynecologic cancer patient's probable tumor response to various chemotherapeutic and biologic agents. ChemoFx® is intended to be utilized in conjunction with treatment guidelines, heuristics and pathways to optimize the decision making process and allow physicians and care-giver teams the opportunity to favorably impact the standard of care.

By testing multiple chemotherapies on a patient's cancer cells before treating a cancer patient, ChemoFx® helps determine the chemotherapies that are more likely to be effective and helps guide the physician away from therapies that are more likely to be ineffective—giving patients a powerful advantage in the fight against gynecologic cancer.

About Precision Cellular Analytical Platform (PCAP™)

PCAP™ is Helomics’ proprietary live tumor cell platform for personalized comprehensive tumor profiling. Physicians and researchers send tumor specimens to Helomics who proprietarily grow the patient’s tumors and continuously analyze the proliferative cell cycling of the tumor on a personalized basis. After complete tumor growth, the specimens are then treated with therapeutic drugs to assess the efficacy to particular modalities. The PCAP platform has been meticulously refined for over 15 years and is currently in its 3rd generation of tumor biology elucidation.

About Helomics Corporation, Inc.

Helomics is a comprehensive personalized healthcare company, bringing the next generation of diagnostics to the oncology field. Helomics is dedicated to improving patient outcomes by providing a comprehensive personalized tumor profile utilizing a proprietary set of laboratory platforms that leverage both live and fixed cellular analysis to allow physicians to personally characterize malignant tumors. Helomics’ novel molecular and cellular markers and bioinformatics services are designed to support treatment decisions by providing vital information based on the specific biological processes of each individual’s cancer.

Helomics is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the company maintains two CLIA-certified laboratories. For more information please visit: www.helomics.com.

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