rfXcel Makes DSCSA Compliance a Snap with New Product for Pharmaceutical Retailers and Dispensers

rfXcel removes DSCSA compliance pain points for retailers and dispensers

SAN RAMON, Calif.--()--In anticipation of the upcoming July enforcement of Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) legislation for dispensers, rfXcel, the leader in serialization, traceability, and DSCSA and global compliance in the private cloud for the life sciences industry, today unveiled the launch of rfXcel SNAP, a new product to meet the underserved needs of pharmaceutical dispensers. With the introduction of rfXcel SNAP, rfXcel is making it simple, easy and fast for pharmaceutical dispensers like retail pharmacies and clinics to prepare for, and stay compliant with, DSCSA regulations.

“We listened to numerous retailers and dispensers to understand their pain points and one recurring theme we heard was to make the compliance process simple, automatic and hassle-free. They simply don’t have time”

A New, Simple Experience

A new experience derived from the ground up, rfXcel SNAP is the easiest and most automated compliance management solution for pharmaceutical retailers and dispensers to comply with DSCSA regulations. The application is designed to make it simple, easy and fast to receive and enter product information from manufacturers and/or wholesalers and distributors.

  • Simple: Simple, task oriented screens let you enter, capture and check product information you receive quickly and easily, leading to more accurate outcomes and fewer data errors. The application is simple enough to use in multiple environments, such as pharmacies, clinics, distribution centers (DC’s), warehouses or wherever product is received. And rfXcel SNAP is also simple to learn with its intuitive functionality, making it straightforward for any dispenser to learn and use efficiently.
  • Easy: rfXcel SNAP allows you to easily receive and enter product information, making data capture and compliance a breeze. You’re able to receive product information and comply with DSCSA regulations in two easy ways: AutoMatch or OneClick. With AutoMatch, simply scan the product received and rfXcel SNAP will automatically match the product with information from saved DSCSA Transaction Reports - rfXcel SNAP does all the work. If you don’t scan, use OneClick, the single-click user interface that helps easily match product you receive with information from saved DSCSA Transaction Reports. One click and you’re done. Compliance has never been easier!
  • Fast: rfXcel SNAP delivers product information lightning fast – simply scan and submit with AutoMatch. You can also use OneClick, the streamlined user interface to match product information. It’s that fast and it’s all you need to do! rfXcel SNAP also delivers fast performance and processing speed, built on the same technology platform already trusted by hundreds of customers. And its unique automatic data verification technology quickly matches and verifies data from an incoming Transaction Report to help ensure accuracy, save time and eliminate data reconciliation steps.

“We listened to numerous retailers and dispensers to understand their pain points and one recurring theme we heard was to make the compliance process simple, automatic and hassle-free. They simply don’t have time,” commented Glenn Abood, CEO of rfXcel. “Dispensing pharmaceutical drugs has never been easy. Combined with regulations like the DSCSA, HIPPA privacy requirements, inventory management and the sheer amount of daily volume, retailers and dispensers have made it clear they need an easy solution to help them stay compliant and streamline tasks to help save time for employees filling and dispensing prescriptions. rfXcel SNAP is the result of this learning. It is the easiest and most automated solution to stay compliant, and its simple task-oriented UI is easy for the whole organization to learn and use.”

Beyond Simplicity – Powerful Benefits Dispensers Need

While simplicity, ease and speed are essential, every dispenser also needs a flexible end-to-end compliance solution to deliver benefits that also help to minimize worry and hassle.

  • Peace of Mind - rfXcel SNAP does the DSCSA compliance work for you, minimizing compliance hassles and concerns while getting rid of other time-consuming tasks prone to error. Best of all, rfXcel SNAP is backed by the rfXcel Compliance Guarantee, giving you complete confidence your solution will be fully DSCSA compliant and inter-operable with trading partners for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Total Control - rfXcel SNAP is built on private cloud technology, which allows you to validate your own unique system and upgrade when you want, without the complexity, downtime and disruption to your business. Unlike other multi-tenant solutions running on public cloud technologies, rfXcel’s private cloud technology enables you to be on your own version of the rfXcel solution. There’s no application sharing or forced upgrades that can ultimately negate your validation, giving you more control, reliability and security.
  • Reliability - rfXcel SNAP is also built on the same rock-solid technology platform and transaction engine already trusted by hundreds of customers. You can rest assured knowing you’re using a proven, reliable system.

Easy Upgrade Process

Need to manage serialized product and / or need mobile app functionality? No problem, upgrade to rfXcel SNAP Plus, which includes all the powerful features in rfXcel SNAP plus product serialization management and mobile app functionality. Even the upgrade process is simple – rfXcel SNAP Plus functionality is simply unlocked in your current application, meaning no data loss, complex upgrade process, or learning a new application.


The new rfXcel SNAP application is scheduled to be available starting in mid-March, 2015.

About rfXcel

rfXcel Corporation, founded in 2003 and headquartered in San Ramon, CA, is a pioneer in creating Product Serialization, Traceability and Compliance private cloud solutions for the Life Sciences and Food and Beverage industries. Leading manufacturers, distributors, packagers and retailers leverage rfXcel solutions to meet global government regulations, track and trace product throughout supply chains, and enhance patient safety. The rfXcel management team and board are comprised of industry experts from the life sciences, technology and consumer goods industries.

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