Devonshire Capital Funds Announces the Issuance of GoPro’s Intellectual Property Research Analysis

BOSTON--()--Devonshire Capital Funds, a Boston-based hedge fund, issued a research presentation that provides in-depth analysis of the intellectual property that powers GoPro’s devices. The presentation, entitled "An Analysis of GoPro," is a result of extensive engineering analysis and rests on months of research. Presentation can be found on the fund’s website at

Research Methodology

“An Analysis of GoPro” is based on reverse engineering of the GoPro Hero 1, 2 and 3. In order to isolate hardware parts within the camera and tie them to corresponding industry patents, the fund recruited hardware engineers and intellectual property professionals. GoPro cameras were taken apart, each part extracted and catalogued for function. Assignees, claims, and numbers of existing industry patents that had similar functionality were identified using premier industry tools including Thomson Innovation, S&P Capital IQ, LexisNexis, and a proprietary Devonshire database. Upon patent identification and completion of the analysis, Devonshire Capital Funds contacted industry professionals to obtain information on licensing agreements.

Subsequent analysis of the GoPro patent portfolio showed that while the company holds a relatively small number of patents directly pertaining to its technology, most of its IP consists of design and mechanical patents. Few of GoPro's patents pertain to the critical electronic and camera technology that underlies the company's devices, while many of GoPro's key features appear to be covered by earlier patents assigned to competitors. Shortly after dissecting the first GoPro, the fund identified 15 patents on technology that are deployed in GoPro devices and held by multi-billion dollar consumer electronics manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Siemens, Dell, Samsung, and Hewlett Packard. Devonshire Capital Funds' research has identified numerous further patents held by both large and small entities which are directly applicable to GoPro's flagship products. Research on these patents is underway.

About Devonshire Capital Funds

Devonshire Capital Funds is a Boston-based hedge fund managed by leading industry experts in finance, technology, and intellectual property investments. Devonshire Capital carries a portfolio heavily focused on technology and intellectual property.


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