With Limited Resources, Big Money at Stake, eVestment’s Scorecard Helps Asset Managers Deploy Resources

ATLANTA--()--According to eVestment data, there is approximately $558 billion in institutional assets up for grabs around the world each quarter. eVestment’s new Scorecard, launching this month, aims to help asset managers understand which of their resources to emphasize the most in an effort to attract new investors and grow their assets under management.

“An asset manager’s success in growing AUM is largely a function of efficient and optimal use of all the resources at their disposal”

eVestment’s Scorecard offers asset managers a unique look at the market based on eVestment’s unparalleled analytics, investor screens, asset flows and peer group metrics. Combining all these elements offers asset managers a unique, predictive look at what they can do, given their current position, investor interests, market dynamics and more, to attract new assets. In fact, products in 2013 scored as “high growth” by eVestment Scorecard averaged quarterly net flows $534.3 million higher than those deemed “high risk.”

“An asset manager’s success in growing AUM is largely a function of efficient and optimal use of all the resources at their disposal,” said eVestment Head of Product Strategy, Ben Olmstead. “Whether it’s launching new products, hiring for different expertise, increasing marketing, going into new geographies or a combination of these factors and more, eVestment Scorecard helps managers understand where they stand now but more importantly, what they can do to attract more interest from investors going forward.”

With an easy-to-review dashboard and color-coded findings, Scorecard highlights the things that are most likely to attract additional AUM and the things that are not likely to move the needle. This allows managers to easily see which options they are considering that will likely result in success and which ones are less likely to be a productive allocation of resources.

Scorecard reviews five primary categories:

  • Product Performance, which quantifies the performance of a product relative to peers;
  • Universe Performance, which quantifies the peer group relative to other peer groups;
  • Flow Outlook, which quantifies the flow potential of the product based on predictive metrics correlated with future flows;
  • Marketability, which quantifies the attention a product is receiving due to factors other than performance such as consultant database queries or database screen passing rates;
  • Distribution Impact, which quantifies the value-add of sales, marketing and client relations.

eVestment Scorecard will officially launch in this month, but has been in early release mode with several asset managers during the second half of this year and received extremely positive client feedback.

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eVestment provides a flexible suite of easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions to help the institutional investing community identify and capitalize on global investment trends, better select and monitor investment managers and more successfully enable asset managers to market their funds worldwide. eVestment’s mission is to help make smart money smarter.



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