Tree of Liberty: Revolution, An American Political Thriller, Honoring Chris Kyle Day

American Sniper under attack from enemies foreign and domestic

DALLAS--()--When Lawrence Allen authored Tree of Liberty: Trilogy, he never expected readers to so passionately identify with the climactic book of the series, Tree of Liberty: Revolution.

“Revolution recognizes our military heroes who protect our freedoms at home and overseas.”

“While the foreign enemy of global terrorism attacked our values and freedoms with the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, Americans who now condemn Chris Kyle, represent our domestic enemy who attack our values and freedoms, here at home,” Allen explained. “Revolution recognizes our military heroes who protect our freedoms at home and overseas.”

Tree of Liberty: Revolution is now published independent from the first two books of the series. This allows readers to quickly pick up the story where they see the dire reality of what happens to people who trade their freedoms for government largesse. “It was written for freedom loving Americans who are fed up with federal government and love what our country stands for,” said Allen.

Set in 2020, Allen weaves a grim picture of impoverishment, greed and social injustice at the hands of federal government aristocrats under the guise of “equality for all.” But Americans learn the hard way that government-imposed equality is insatiable. Fairness is a weapon of social warfare and governments that impose them both won’t stop until they’ve equally impoverished everyone but themselves.

Americans’ losing their republic and liberties to a faceless authoritarian federal bureaucracy inspires Curtiss Bradley to action. He fires the shot heard `round the world, in the year 2020. Facing off with this domestic enemy, Bradley resurrects America’s earliest military snipers, the Morgan’s Riflemen of Revolutionary War fame, to win the country back.

Allen’s book recognizes that every day 22 American veterans commit suicide. Tree of Liberty: Revolution calls attention to this important issue. It opens at the funeral of an American sniper who committed suicide over what was happening to the country and freedoms he once defended. Allen: “We owe it to our veterans to ensure freedom endures in our own country.”

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