New Report Looks at Quarterly Stock Holdings of Institutional Investors; Big Tech Companies Hold Top 3 Spots in Q3

ATLANTA--()--Institutional investors and the managers they invest with are among the savviest investors in the world. Portfolio managers, supported by teams of researchers and traders, do exhaustive quantitative and qualitative research to identify investments intended to maximize returns at an acceptable level of risk. This protects multi-million and multi-billion dollar investment funds like pensions, foundations and endowments.

“Institutional investor impact on stocks is significant given the size of the portfolios they and their managers control”

Historically, according to eVestment asset flow data, institutional investors get into and out of stocks 12 to 24 months before retail investors. eVestment took a look at the top stocks institutional investors around the world held in Q3, comparing that data to Q2 2014 and Q3 last year to highlight trends in institutional investor stock ownership.

Here’s the top 20:

  3Q 2014 2Q 2014 3Q 2013
Rank Stocks Institutional Fund Ownership Stocks Institutional Fund Ownership Stocks Institutional Fund Ownership
1 Google 33.57% Google 34.57% Apple Inc. 20.77%
2 Apple Inc. 22.35% Apple Inc. 22.14% Microsoft Corporation 19.65%
3 Microsoft Corporation 21.79% Microsoft Corporation 21.56% Google 18.57%
4 JPMorgan Chase 17.54% Johnson & Johnson 17.19% JPMorgan Chase 17.88%
5 Johnson & Johnson 17.19% JPMorgan Chase 17.01% Johnson & Johnson 16.67%
6 Royal Dutch Shell 16.54% Wells Fargo 16.70% Cisco Systems, Inc. 16.58%
7 Wells Fargo 16.51% Royal Dutch Shell 16.19% Wells Fargo 16.12%
8 Qualcomm 15.57% Qualcomm 15.94% Royal Dutch Shell 16.03%
9 Verizon Communications 15.33% Verizon Communications 15.03% Chevron Corporation 15.46%
10 Pfizer 14.60% Pfizer 15.03% Pfizer 15.23%
11 Gilead Sciences 14.53% Oracle Corporation 14.86% Qualcomm 14.95%
12 Oracle Corporation 14.47% Chevron Corporation 14.54% Roche Holdings AG 14.44%
13 Comcast Corporation 14.43% Schlumberger Limited 14.19% Novartis AG 14.14%
14 CVS Health 14.38% Roche Holdings AG 14.03% Oracle Corporation 14.08%
15 Chevron Corporation 14.33% Cisco Systems, Inc. 13.70% Citigroup 14.00%
16 Cisco Systems, Inc. 14.23% Merck & Co. 13.68% Exxon Mobil 13.22%
17 Schlumberger Limited 14.01% Novartis AG 13.68% Comcast Corporation 13.16%
18 Merck & Co. 13.97% CVS Health 13.65% CVS Health 13.11%
19 Roche Holdings AG 13.77% Exxon Mobil 13.56% Schlumberger Limited 13.01%
20 Novartis AG 13.75% Gilead Sciences 13.49% Samsung Electronics 12.76%

According to data reported to eVestment, three U.S. technology companies – Google, Apple and Microsoft – led the rankings of global institutional investor holdings in Q3 2014. Institutional investors boosted their Google holdings, pushing the company from the No. 3 spot in Q3 2013 to No. 1 in Q3 this year. New to the list in Q3 compared to Q2 is Comcast Corporation (ranked 13th). Exxon Mobil, previously ranked 19th, fell out of the top 20 this past quarter.

And big movers: Gilead Sciences, which was previously ranked No. 20 in Q2 2014, is now the 11th most widely held stock by institutional investors; and Cisco Systems, which dropped from the No. 6 most-held stock in Q3 2013 to the No. 16 most-held stock in Q3 2014, the biggest year-over-year decrease of the 20 most-held stocks.

In addition to overall institutional investor holdings, the new eVestment Institutional Quarterly Ownership Report looks at ownership trends in a variety of major stock market universes, including US large cap value, US large cap growth and emerging markets.

For instance, among institutional investors interested in emerging markets stocks, the top 10 companies they owned were: 1) Samsung Group, 2) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, 3) Tencent, 4) China Mobile, 5) Petrobras, 6) SK Hynix, 7) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, 8) Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., 9) Itau Unibanco and 10) Tata Motors.

“Institutional investor impact on stocks is significant given the size of the portfolios they and their managers control,” said eVestment CEO Jim Minnick. “And given that size and impact, it’s interesting for investors at any level to see which stocks institutional investors are buying and holding, and which stocks might be falling out of favor with these investors.”

The report is based on data reported to eVestment by institutional investment asset managers around the globe. To download the full report, please click here or use this link

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