SenseDriver Technologies Wants You to Meet Hudson at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Introducing the Safest and Most Affordable Heads-Up Display (HUD), Launching Exclusively at CES 2015

2015 International CES

LAS VEGAS--()--SenseDriver Technologies has announced today that it will unveil SenseHud, the prodigy of heads-up displays (HUD) at CES in Las Vegas in January 2015. SenseHud sets itself apart from traditional HUDs in that Hudson – your very own voice-activated personal driving assistant – is an all-encompassing model: safety, affordability and ease of use, combined to make SenseHud the most desired consumer auto-technology product in 2015.

“At KICVentures we believe that true innovation can come from anyone within our organization”

As a part of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, a survey reported that more than 40% of drivers who admitted to texting while driving called it a habit. With safety and innovation among their top priorities, SenseDriver Technologies is working with several world-renowned institutions and universities to conduct safety studies with their own product line. SenseHud’s goal is to enable safe driving while continuing to allow drivers to stay connected to the digital world – a habit that seemingly will never break, but SenseHud hopes to at least make safer.

In 2011, Co-Founder of SenseDriver Technologies, Michael Amaru was working in graphic design and advertising and was exploring new ways to engage consumers with interactive displays. Michael fashioned the idea to use rear-projection films on storefront windows, but at the time, was turned away by his employer. Having been recently struck by a distracted driver on his motorcycle, Michael recognized this as an opportunity to use his projection concept on a car windshield. Michael later went on to be Creative Director of KICVentures, a health-tech venture capital firm. This career move proved to be fruitful not only for Michael’s creative development, but it also connected Michael with like-minded entrepreneur and physician Kingsley R. Chin, MD, the CEO and Founder of KICVentures.

“At KICVentures we believe that true innovation can come from anyone within our organization,” said Founder and CEO of KICVentures, Dr. Kingsley R. Chin. “As a practicing physician, I’ve seen the serious effects of distracted driving in my operating room. When Michael approached me with this idea, I knew very quickly that KICVentures would commit to bringing this product to the market.”

Together Chin and Amaru pushed the boundaries of technology and turned what was once a concept into a sophisticated platform. Through this entrepreneurial process, SenseDriver Technologies and its first product release SenseHud aim to safely connect all drivers to their digital world while enhancing driving and communication through an elegant, empowering design.

“We are beyond excited and truly proud to be able to launch SenseHud at CES!” said Michael Amaru, co-founder of SenseDriver Technologies. “What makes this product standout from other HUDs, in addition to its seamless integration of hardware and software, is that it is very affordable at $99, and compatible with every car—something that is notably attractive to today’s consumer will ultimately facilitate a safer driving environment.”

Meet Hudson and the rest of the SenseDriver team at booth #70373 at CES 2015 Sands Hall A-C at Tech West:

Hudson, an artificially intelligent driving assistant, comes equipped with SenseDriver Technologies’ smart phone app. When you place your phone into the SenseHud, Hudson opens and harvests the information that you need while driving from your phone such as text, email and navigation. Hudson captures that information and projects it onto SenseHud’s windshield display, allowing you to be completely hands-free and keep your focus on reaching your destination safely. SenseDriver Technologies expects SenseHud to be available for purchase in early 2015 for $99.

About SenseDriver Technologies
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, SenseDriver Technologies is a company developing a product, SenseHud, aimed to safely connect all drivers to their digital world while enhancing driving and communication through an elegant, empowering design. Established in 2013, SenseHud will officially launch in 2015. SenseHud was developed by SenseDriver co-founders, Michael Amaru and Kingsley R. Chin, M.D. For more information, visit


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