Herbalife Family Foundation Donates $10,000 to Establish San Antonio’s First Casa Herbalife Program

Donation to Healy-Murphy Center Will Help Address Problems with Obesity in At-Risk Teens and Children in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, Texas--()--The Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to improving children's lives by helping organizations provide healthy nutrition to vulnerable youth, today announced a $10,000 donation to the Healy-Murphy Center, a non-profit organization committed to helping youth-in-crisis in San Antonio, Texas. The donation will create the first Casa Herbalife program in San Antonio and contribute to the city’s efforts to reduce obesity in the area. In San Antonio, the obesity rate is at 31 percent, which is higher than the national average of 27 percent, and the second-highest obesity rate among major U.S. cities.

“We are proud to partner with the Healy-Murphy Center as they take a well-rounded approach to educating at-risk youth about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.”

“Obesity in San Antonio continues to be a significant health issue, and addressing this threat to public health starts with education at a young age,” Councilman Cris Medina said. “We want to thank the Herbalife Family Foundation for investing in our community and partnering with the Healy-Murphy Center to educate our underserved youth about good nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.”

The Healy-Murphy Center provides at-risk youth the academic, emotional, and physical support services necessary to earn their high school diploma, pursue higher education or long-term employment, and break the cycle of poverty and poor health from which they come.

“We need to ensure that our children are never short-changed and are provided the resources needed for students to succeed in the classroom,” state Rep. Philip Cortez of San Antonio said. “This includes access to good nutrition that can impact their daily activities and school performance.”

The donation was announced today at a special event featuring state Rep. Philip Cortez, Councilman Cris Medina, Healy-Murphy students, and executives from Herbalife and the Healy-Murphy Center. It will support efforts to create long-term change in eating habits for teen parents and their children. Specifically, the funds will go toward providing access to fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a partnership with the University of Texas Health Science Center, which will provide weekly education sessions and individual consultations with a pediatric nurse practitioner and a nutritionist. The gift will also allow the Healy-Murphy Center to expand education about healthy eating and staying active to the students in its Child Development Center.

A nutritionist/nurse practitioner also shared tips for healthy eating habits during the holidays.

“A primary focus of the Herbalife Family Foundation is to improve the lives of children by supporting organizations that provide healthy nutrition,” Robyn Browning, executive director of the Herbalife Family Foundation, said. “We are proud to partner with the Healy-Murphy Center as they take a well-rounded approach to educating at-risk youth about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.”

As part of the collaboration, the region’s vulnerable youth will have improved access to better nutrition and be placed on a path to achieving an active, healthy lifestyle.

“At Healy-Murphy, we are focused on providing students with academic, emotional, and physical support services necessary to break the cycle of poverty and poor health,” Siri Lindholm, development director of the Healy-Murphy Center, said. “Thanks to the Casa Herbalife program and this generous donation, we now have more resources to teach our students and their children about eating the right foods, and can provide them with direct access to those foods.”

The Casa Herbalife Program was established in 2005 to help bring good nutrition to children living in orphanages, using after school centers, and other non-profit facilities around the world tasked with helping underserved young people. In addition to the annual financial grants made by the Herbalife Family Foundation, the organizations receive local financial and volunteer support from independent Herbalife members as well as Herbalife employees. The program provides over $2.3 million in funding and volunteer assistance each year to more than 100 organizations worldwide. These funds bring nutrition to more than 121,000 children in 50 countries on a daily basis.

About the Herbalife Family Foundation

The Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) is a 501c(3), non-profit corporation dedicated to improving lives by helping organizations provide healthy nutrition to vulnerable children. HFF supports more than 100 Casa Herbalife programs globally and serves the daily nutritional needs of more than 120,000 children around the world through annual grants to NGOs and charities that care for vulnerable children.

About the Healy-Murphy Center

The Healy-Murphy Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides compassionate service to youth-in-crisis by focusing on individualized education in a non-traditional setting, early childhood development, and essential support services. For over 120 years, the center has served San Antonio’s youth and holds a unique place in the history of education in San Antonio and Texas, as it was the first accredited alternative education program in the state. More information about the Healy-Murphy Center and its services can be found at http://www.healymurphy.org/.


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