rfXcel Meets Compliance Regulations and Goes Beyond for Its Customers

rfXcel Continues to Deliver for Customers

SAN RAMON, Calif.--()--rfXcel Corp., the leader in serialization, traceability, and DSCSA and global compliance in the private cloud for the life sciences industry, is continuing to deliver real-world solutions to help life sciences customers meet their needs. rfXcel announced today many pharmaceutical manufacturers are now fully compliant with the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) via the rfXcel Traceability System™ (rTS). Customers are now able to provide DSCSA Transaction Information (TI), Transaction History (TH), and Transaction Statement (TS) reports on all products shipped to many trading partners on the rfXchange™ trading network, including the “Big Three” pharmaceutical distributors - McKesson, Cardinal Health, and Amerisource Bergen. In addition, rfXcel has set up a host of wholesalers and distributors to receive DSCSA reports from, and produce compliant reports for, their trading partners. Most importantly, every customer that is now “live” has gone through a rigorous data validation process to ensure ongoing success.

“Being DSCSA compliant goes well beyond simply passing transaction reports. It’s also about ensuring the integrity of the data being passed – that it is accurate, tested and validated”

rfXcel Traceability System™ - The Right Cloud Solution for Life Science Customers

Many customers have chosen rfXcel Traceability System ™ (rTS) due to its rich functionality, ease of use, and flexibility. Most customers, however, cite the benefits of being in a private cloud and the extensive data validation process as the key reasons for selecting rfXcel as their track and trace and compliance partner. rTS is trusted by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers and was the first DSCSA compliant cloud-based system to market in February, 2014. rTS has been through rigorous market tests and is backed by the rfXcel Compliance Guarantee, giving customers complete confidence their solution will be inter-operable with trading partners and be fully DSCSA compliant.

“Being DSCSA compliant goes well beyond simply passing transaction reports. It’s also about ensuring the integrity of the data being passed – that it is accurate, tested and validated,” commented Glenn Abood, CEO of rfXcel. “By doing so, we’re setting up customers for long-term success and we believe in long-term customer relationships. rfXcel is the only provider in the life sciences space that undergoes a full system validation process and ensures each customer is in their own private cloud. Unlike multi-tenant, public cloud solutions, our private cloud technology allows for full system validation prior to implementation and gives each customer their own instance – meaning no forced software upgrades that will ultimately negate validation. Our customers have complete control.”

Compliance, Connectivity and Peace of Mind

As the January, 2015 deadline approaches, rfXcel continues to deliver a broad range of benefits and value for its range of customers along the pharmaceutical supply chain, including manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

  • Compliance - rfXcel has become the most trusted and comprehensive solution for compliance with the DSCSA regulations. By leveraging the rfXcel solution, customers can track and trace lot-level product information - giving interoperability and visibility to trading partners up and down the supply chain, and by meeting the preferred data requirements of each of the “Big Three” distributors.
  • Connectivity – rfXchange™, rfXcel’s verified exchange network, is used by tens of thousands of trading partners and clinics daily to share compliance and traceability information. Most rfXcel customers find the vast majority of their trading partners are already on rfXchange™. rfXchange™ provides 'plug-n-play' integration of all trading partners through a single connection. The unique event verification technology within rfXchange™ addresses the most critical issue in trading partner integration: data accuracy. Other network exchanges promise seamless connectivity, only to find inaccurate and unverified data passing between trading partners. rfXchange™ ensures data passed on the network is validated, verified and accurate, ensuring trading partners have data they can trust. rfXchange™ also supports data requirements from each of the “Big Three”, making it easy for trading partners to meet DSCSA compliance requirements.
  • Peace of Mind – The rfXcel solution is built on private cloud technology, which allows each customer system and implementation to be fully validated. Unlike other multi-tenant solutions running on public cloud technology, rfXcel private cloud technology is tailored to meet the unique specifications and requirements of each customer. Private cloud technology is necessary because each customer’s system is validated. It also enables each customer to be on their own version of the rfXcel solution. There’s no application sharing or forced upgrades, giving customers more control, reliability and security.

About rfXcel

rfXcel is a leader in product serialization, traceability, and compliance solutions in the private cloud for the life sciences industry. rfXcel solutions are used to manage compliance with the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), Title II of the US Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA), as well as other global country-specific regulations. Leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, packagers, and retailers rely on the rfXcel Traceability System™ (rTS) for traceability of ingredients and finished goods across the supply chain, to help increase market share and profitability, and to improve patient safety. rfXcel’s verified event network, rfXchange™, provides flexible integration with high data accuracy for tens of thousands of trading partners and clinics. rfXcel is a certified SAP and GS1 (EPCglobal) partner, and its solutions are HIPAA compliant. rfXcel’s production-proven, private cloud technology can be fully validated to meet each customer’s regulatory standards. The rfXcel management team and board are comprised of industry experts from life sciences with deep expertise in Cloud, Supply Chain, Data Management, ERP and Systems Integration.

Founded in 2003, rfXcel is headquartered in San Ramon, CA. For more information, please visit www.rfxcel.com.


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rfXcel Meets Compliance Regulations and Goes Beyond for Its Customers

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