New Android App Shrinks Photo Files, Saves Space, Speeds Sharing

Cram for Android reduces photo files to take up 60% less space, transmit to others three times faster

TAMPA, Fla.--()--Accusoft announces the release of Cram, an easy-to-use Android app that shrinks JPEG photo files to as little as one-third their original size while retaining the resolution, full display/print dimensions and quality of the original photo.

Available now in the [Google Play store], Cram is free to install and use for up to 300 photos. For a $1.99 in-app purchase, users may cram an unlimited number of photos.

By compressing JPEG files with Cram, Android users can reclaim more than 60% of the storage space those original files occupied, freeing up room for more photos and apps and improving the device’s performance by making room for a larger memory cache.

Even zoomed in close, the smaller files look just as good as the originals. Besides saving space, the smaller files move through the network two-thirds faster when sent to friends, cloud storage or social media sites, eliminating wasted time. Cram also enables users to attach more image files to an email message before bumping up against the attachment size limits imposed by many email systems and saving on data plans.

Drop compressed pictures into a webpage or blog, and the page displays far more quickly than it could have with the original photo files. Post them to social media sites, and they’ll be small enough to avoid being compressed by the social sites’ inferior algorithms, retaining their full beauty. Send them to paid subscription storage, like larger Dropbox accounts, and far more photos fit in far less space… perhaps even enabling a fallback to a smaller, less costly account.

There are other photo shrinking apps available, but only one packs the patented compression technology used in Fortune 500 companies. Accusoft’s patented JPEG compression technology is trusted the world over in advanced imaging software, medical imaging equipment and other applications where getting both the smallest files and the finest image quality is paramount. Now Android users can get the same advanced compression technology in their pockets.

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Release Summary

Accusoft announces the release of Cram, an easy-to-use Android app that shrinks JPEG photo files to as little as one-third their original size while retaining the quality of the original photo.