Echostreams and Orange Silicon Valley to Demonstrate Remote I/O Large Volume Data at SC14 in New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS--()--Echostreams Innovative Solutions, LLC. is collaborating with Orange Silicon Valley and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to accomplish a demonstration of all-SSD-flash storage solution FlacheSAN2 for high-performance-computing at the IEEE’s Supercomputing 2014 Conference (SC14), transmitting 24 streams of uncompressed 4K (UHD) data streams saturating100Gbps Wide Area Network (WAN) connections.

“Our FlacheSAN2 solution provides users twice the storage capacity and twice the performance while able to maintain less CapEx and OpEx costs compare to any competing solution.”

Many High Performance Computing (HPC) systems from research labs around the world are able to crunch data of many petabytes. However the limited bandwidth of existing storage servers can cripple performance and all those compute processing resources go to waste. Echostreams’ FlacheSAN2 is able to deliver data throughput of 160Gbps over four 56Gbps InfiniBand or 40Gbps Ethernet network interfaces. This capability is all provided in 2RU density with minimal power consumption of 450W.

Coast-to-coast Remote I/O demo planned to show efficient on-the-fly processing and delivery of large volume data over intercontinental distances without bulk data transfers and with flexible distribution of the work load across the network and compute resources. Data from a FlacheSAN2 system serving as a WAN Transfer Node in Oakland will move to StarLight in Chicago for optional video processing and continue to New Orleans by way of New York City. The network distance is comparable to trans-Pacific connections. Another FlacheSAN2 system will originate a second 100Gbps data flow from SC14 in New Orleans with optional processing at NRL in Washington, DC. The pipeline processing application controls the dynamic arrangement of the processing and options for rearrangement of network data flows using SDN mechanisms.

ESNet, StarLight, CenturyLink, and NASA and several network equipment vendors have provided the network resources for this demo. This demonstration was organized as part of the National Information Technology Research and Development’s (NITR&D) Big Data National 100 Gbps Demonstrations at SC14.

These demonstrations will show the capability for dynamically deploying a production quality 4K video workflow across a nationally distributed set of storage and computing resources in a way that is relevant to emerging complex data processing challenges. 4K video (also known as Ultra High Definition TV) refers to data servicing display devices that have horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. A sampling of these video streams will be displayed in the Laboratory for Advanced Computing/Open Cloud Consortium booth at SC14 (booth 1639).

“Storage used to be the bottleneck in supercomputing environment and being neglected due to limitation of rotating drives’ performance. With flash SSD technology maturing and the abundance of I/O bandwidth offered by the Intel Xeon server platforms, we are able to create unique and purpose-built solutions to improve and push the storage performance envelope to a new high. FlacheSAN2 solution is designed utilizing off-the-shelves commodity parts with our unique design even lower the initial capital expenditure,” said Gene Lee, President and CEO of Echostreams Innovative Solutions. “Our FlacheSAN2 solution provides users twice the storage capacity and twice the performance while able to maintain less CapEx and OpEx costs compare to any competing solution.”

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