TrueFortune Cookies Created to Bring a Smile in a World Filled with Chaos and Negativity

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--In a time and age when negativity abounds in the current environment – wars, major health scares, poor economy, discord among nations, political bickering, ineffectual government and increasing violence and terrorist attacks – the question becomes what can be done to elicit a smile or bring peace and happiness into people’s daily lives.

“a ray of sunshine into an atmosphere of dark clouds”

This was a question David Lee said he recently asked himself. Lee has had a diverse career spanning six decades which included being a rocket scientist, mechanical engineer, designer, government consultant, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, hypnotherapist and marketing executive. He is an inventor and holds over 10 patents.

Lee reported he decided to create something to counter the negativity that permeates the news. For someone who had supervised the mechanical design for the rocket engine that landed the first astronauts on the moon, designed the explosive release mechanism for satellites, designed a system to eliminate the sway from vibrations on London’s Millennium Bridge and invented the talking mechanism for Mattel’s “Chatty Cathy” doll – Lee was confident he would be successful.

According to Lee, his solution for injecting “a ray of sunshine into an atmosphere of dark clouds” is TrueFortune Cookies, on online service which he has launched which dispenses uplifting and sometimes irreverent messages to people each day through e-mails. People desiring the messages, free of charge, must subscribe through the service’s website, Messages to date have included:

  • Make people feel good in your presence and the world is yours.
  • Did you know that you are absolutely unbeatable? Success is on its way. Please incorporate so I can buy stock in you.
  • The question is: what happens once you become perfect? Or has that already happened?

Noting that his concept for the TrueFortune Cookies derived from the traditional fortune cookie - “without the rosy forecasts” - Lee remarked:

“Every person has a God-given right to happiness. Yet many people aren’t happy. People have to consciously work at it. Hopefully our daily messages will bring joy, peace of mind and happiness to people to help them cope with a world full of challenges. Ultimately, we want to bring a smile to their faces every day to enable them to move forward with a positive frame of mind.”


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Release Summary

TrueFortune Cookies launched as a free online service to provide daily uplifting messages to people to elicit smiles and help people find joy, peace and happiness in a time of negativity and chaos.

TrueFortune Cookies