Sentry Equipment Corp Releases New Magnetic Trap

Protect plant sampling equipment from entrained magnetic contaminants

OCONOMOWOC, Wis.--()--Sentry Equipment Corp is pleased to announce the release of the MT Series Magnetic Trap. The plug-free design effectively isolates and traps corrosive magnetite and hematite contaminates while maintaining sample integrity and flow rates for an added layer of protection to plant sampling assets.

“The magnetic trap was designed to use high strength neodymium magnets that are inserted into the core of the trap to attract and capture the magnetite. Conventional filters trap all particulate and choke off sample flow as the filtering media becomes plugged with contaminants. Our product captures only entrained oxide particulate and lets the remaining particulate pass, protecting the conditioning equipment while maintaining sample integrity,” said Rich Wartgow, Director of Engineering for Sentry Equipment Corp.

The Magnetic Trap is designed specifically for the extreme conditions of power plants testing up to a 5000 psig pressure rating at 175°F with a large 12.5 in2 magnetic surface area to capture in excess of 80% of magnetite and hematite particulate when operated within EPRI guidelines. The new product is purged in place, requires no tools or disassembly, and incorporates a unique cyclonic cleaning action to scrub internal surfaces. Made of wetted components SA279-T316/316L stainless steel, it is available as a stand-alone accessory, a complete retrofit or new panel installation.

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