Epson's Booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2014


TOKYO--()--Epson was the first company in the world to commercialize quartz watches in 1969. Globally, people were astonished that the advanced technology that went into achieving unprecedented and exceptional accuracy could fit in the size of a wristwatch that people could wear day-in-and-day-out. Since that time, Epson has continued to innovate, and their products based on compact, energy-saving, and high precision technologies - from printers and projectors to industrial equipment – are used in a wide range of settings.

Epson's wearable products bring together uniquely developed sensors, micro-displays and other technologies in the ongoing pursuit of wearable products that combine extremely advanced technology with an ease-of-use that allows them to be worn effortlessly.

Booth: HALL3 3N31

Worn like a pair of glasses, this is a see-through type of wearable information device that permits the wearer to simultaneously view the screen while looking at his or her surroundings. Equipped with Epson's micro-display technology, the device has excellent viewability allowing users to focus on screen images without changing their line of sight. The device is loaded with the Android™4.0 platform, various sensors (camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, and geomagnetic field sensor), GPS functionality, a microphone input, and Bluetooth® connectivity.

At the venue, Epson will introduce examples of business applications that utilize the product's distinctive binocular see-through display. Visitors will also be able to experience how it helps users perform tasks, such as wearing Moverio to show them how to solve a Rubik’s Cube®.

Pulsense is an activity monitor that informs wearers of their level of exercise intensity, caloric balance, sleeping status, and heart status by measuring their pulse rate - they need only to wear it on their wrist. It not only measures acceleration, but comes equipped with Epson's proprietary high-precision pulse rate sensor technology. Pulsense makes use of the light-absorbing properties of hemoglobin in the blood. LED light is illuminated onto blood vessels in the wrist and pulse rates are measured through changes in blood flow.


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