Intelligent Decisions Announces Exclusive Federal Partnership with Infinite Skyz

Agreement will usher federal agencies into the age of the Internet of Things

ASHBURN, Va.--()--Intelligent Decisions, Inc., (ID) a premier global IT systems integrator, today announced that it has signed an agreement to be the exclusive federal reseller for Infinite Skyz, LLC. Infinite Skyz creates, innovates, and delivers products and services that allow organizations to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) into their operations.

“At Infinite Skyz, we aim to produce proactive maintenance and solve problems before they are presented”

Infinite Skyz’s IoT technologies have revolutionized the way the industry connects and optimizes operations for smart, efficient decision-making. Their innovative Skyzbox™ Technology does this by converting hard-wired signals from meters, sensors and equipment to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular signals for communication over the Internet. Skyzbox™ Technology combines with Skyzbox™ Software for advanced analytical and intelligent decision-making.

“ID is excited to team up with Infinite Skyz to ensure federal agencies reap the benefits of the Internet of Things,” said Harry Martin, president and CEO of Intelligent Decisions. “This partnership will significantly increase ID’s capacity to integrate emerging technologies that transform operations and maximize efficiencies of federal agencies’ most critical physical assets and personnel.”

Intelligent Decisions hopes to leverage the IoT Skyzbox™ Technology to help federal agencies better meet their missions by easing and improving the collection and transmission of data. For example, this newly acquired IoT technology could allow devices to send wireless medical data from Skyzbox™ directly to an app on a patient’s phone while simultaneously automatically updating their physician. The technology can combine medical care, patient monitoring, exercise and more to deliver an advanced level of health care from the comfort of a patient’s home – all at a significantly lower cost. The technology works with any device that outputs data, and has unlimited potential to streamline processes for civilian, defense and intelligence agencies alike.

“At Infinite Skyz, we aim to produce proactive maintenance and solve problems before they are presented,” said Elizabeth Drake, vice president of Infinite Skyz. “Together, Intelligent Decisions and Infinite Skyz form a strong, innovative team that will integrate Internet of Things technologies in unique ways to help transform communication between assets. The result will be massive data and knowledge management capabilities for new insight, intelligence and opportunities.”

About Intelligent Decisions

Founded in 1988, Intelligent Decisions, Inc., is a recognized leader in developing and delivering innovative federal IT solutions to the civilian, defense and intelligence communities. For more information, visit or call toll-free (800) 929-8331.

About Infinite Skyz, LLC

Infinite Skyz, LLC was established in 2010 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and high tech executives in Houston, Texas. Infinite Skyz, LLC creates, innovates, and delivers products and services incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) for Industry. IoT Skyzbox™ technology revolutionizes the way industry connects field assets and optimizes operations for smart, efficient, and compliant decision making for an improved bottom line.


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