Mobile System 7 Announces Solution for Compromised Account Credentials

BETHESDA, Md.--()--Mobile System 7, a leading provider of enterprise data security products, announced today that it has enhanced its flagship product, Interlock to secure enterprises against the leading method of malicious attacks, compromised account credentials. Released today, Interlock v1.8 extends data security protection to detect and secure enterprises from compromised user accounts for both on-premise and cloud based applications. “Most enterprise security solutions are not monitoring legitimate accounts and attackers know this. The most common way for an attacker to steal enterprise data is by compromising a legitimate user’s account credentials. Once inside the enterprise, the attacker is free to access enterprise systems and data without the fear of being detected,” said Mark McGovern, Mobile System 7’s founder and CEO. “Interlock monitors account access and is able to detect these attacks to protect enterprise data.”

“Interlock monitors account access and is able to detect these attacks to protect enterprise data.”

Mobile System 7's Interlock protects enterprise data by providing an integrated solution that includes advanced Identity Analytics and Adaptive Access Controls which together persistently monitor individual user accounts and protect access to their applications and data. Interlock enables enterprises to automatically detect malicious activity and stop it.

Interlock v1.8 provides clients of Mobile System 7 an extensive set of identity-based analytics, which are monitored in real time to identify inconsistencies in access activities. These inconsistencies are a leading indicator of risk of a malicious attack.

"Compromised user accounts and credentials have grown over the last couple of years from an administrative headache to a matter of grave concern to enterprises. As the number and complexity of these attacks grow, analytics play an essential role in enabling security staffs to stop the attacks and restore the enterprise to acceptable levels of security," said Becky Bace, a security technology expert, author, and the CEO of Infidel, Inc., a network security consulting practice.

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Mobile System 7 announces enhancements to Interlock to detect and secure enterprises from compromised account credentials.

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