London: Soho Most Expensive Neighborhood for Travelers

LONDON--()--Soho is the most expensive London district in which for travelers to stay. That’s according to the latest survey from, which compared London’s various neighborhoods based on their cost of lodging.

The survey established for 20 districts in London the average price a visitor will have to spend to stay in the cheapest available double room during the month of October 2014. Only such hotels rated at least three stars and with a positive average client rating were considered.

In Soho, which is bounded by Oxford Street, Regent Street, Charing Cross Road, and Shaftesbury Avenue, visiting guests will have to spend an average of GBP 219 per night this October for the cheapest available double room. Only slightly less expensive are the neighborhoods of Knightsbridge and Mayfair. With average rates of GBP 216 and GBP 214, respectively, they rank second and third most expensive.

On the flipside, Paddington ranks as the least expensive neighborhood in central London. According to the survey, travelers should be able to find a decent room there for around GBP 100 per night. Individuals who are on a tight budget could consider a stay around Heathrow Airport, which is well connected to central London via the Piccadilly line. There, the least expensive double room will cost guests around GBP 60 per night.

Following are London’s 10 most expensive districts based on the average rate for their cheapest available double hotel room (minimum: 3-star hotel). The rates shown reflect the month of October 2014.

1. Soho £219
2. Knightsbridge £216
3. Mayfair £214
4. Chelsea £194
5. Belgravia £172
6. The City £154
7. Westminster £151
8. Notting Hill £150
9. Southbank/Waterloo £147
10. Marleybone £145

For the full results of the survey, check:


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