Tim Davidson, AVP of Loss Prevention, Safety & Security, honored by Risk & Insurance® as a 2014 Risk All Star Award winner for his creative use of the Riskonnect risk management work platform

ATLANTA--()--Risk & Insurance® published the winners of the 2014 Risk All Star Award, and among those named is Tim Davidson, AVP of Loss Prevention, Safety & Security at IASIS Healthcare (a Riskonnect client).

The Risk & Insurance® Risk All Star Award honors those professionals who distinguish themselves through ‘exceptional problem-solving, creativity, perseverance and/or passion’ (source: http://www.riskandinsuranceawards.com/awards/risk-all-stars) to further the cause of risk management. Davidson is being honored for his creative application of the Riskonnect risk management work platform to provide effective Return To Work program coordination and management, helping IASIS Healthcare employees return to work after injury for the benefit of the entire organization.

Comments on the news

  • “Over the years, I've seen dozens of companies try to implement aggressive return to work programs. But there are so many moving parts, so much paperwork and so many stakeholders operating on conflicting incentives that the programs rarely reach their full potential. The return-to-work program solves that by getting everyone on the same page and eliminating the maddening administration that makes the process so difficult to maintain. The IASIS/Riskonnect team has created a solution that is literally breathtaking to see.” Jack Tatum, VP, Global Business Development.
  • "This award underscores the innovative capabilities of the Riskonnect system. Tim Davidson and IASIS Healthcare were able to approach their business needs from a different perspective by focusing efforts on workflow optimization through configuration techniques. With other risk management systems, implementing the return-to-work program would require custom development at a cost that would have made it impossible to even consider. But the Riskonnect platform allows companies to finally address their business challenges without prohibitively expensive custom-coding. " Roger Dunkin, VP, Applications & Platform, Riskonnect.
  • "Operationally, most leadership teams don't understand the steps involved in returning injured employees to work. When it's explained to them, they are overwhelmed by the process of complying with HR, communicating with all parties involved and dealing with obtuse state laws. For years I have been trying to build a solution to improve this situation, not just to get all parties involved, but to reduce massive cost of leakage, which is typically 15% of a company's total loss cost when people don't actively utilize RTW. With the creation of the Riskonnect return-to-work program, ALL of the roadblocks are reduced or eliminated. By utilizing the electronic platform to coordinate who goes where and when, the process is simplified, streamlined, and greatly improved. With the integration of the Reed guidelines, all parties know what to expect on the front end as well. The program is literally a 'turn key' solution." Tim Davidson, AVP of Loss Prevention, Safety & Security, IASIS Healthcare.

The healthcare workforce is aging. Experienced employees are critical for patient care, but as they age, they are less able to manage the manual requirements of the job. IASIS Healthcare is committed to quality patient care, and that requires experienced workers. The organization needed to offer enhanced injury management should an employee become injured on the job. Davidson envisioned a new and improved return-to-work program that takes full advantage of the risk management technology now available to risk managers through the Riskonnect risk management work platform.

Davidson worked with the Riskonnect team to configure the Riskonnect risk management work platform to perform exactly as IASIS Healthcare required, utilizing extensive workflow to automate previously manual tasks and to ensure injured employees don’t fall through the cracks. As the Affordable Care Act now allows required forms to be electronically signed, Davidson also incorporated the use of Riskonnect eDocs to automatically populate template documents using system data, and to obtain signatures through email. This creative application of the Riskonnect system demonstrates both Davidson’s vision for how technology can and should support IASIS business processes, and how successful collaboration between clients and vendors benefit organizations, the communities they serve, and the individual professionals who are the driving force behind progress.

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