Enduranote Offers Unlimited Texts and E-Mails

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Enduranote, a digital legacy website, has announced a new upgrade to its plan offerings that enables users to schedule an unlimited number of texts and e-mails to be sent to loved ones – long after the user has passed away.

“All of us can think of someone we care about that we assume we’d never hear from again”

“All of us can think of someone we care about that we assume we’d never hear from again,” said Shiloh Coleman, Enduranote’s co-founder and CEO. “Imagine receiving a new text from that person on your phone right now. Enduranote offers the chance to extend your presence in the lives of people you care about.”

News of the unlimited texts and e-mails program comes on the heels of Enduranote’s launch of a Kickstarter campaign designed to help bring its unique services to people in need. To further extend that effort, Enduranote is exploring partnerships with non-profit organizations committed to first responders, military and people suffering from terminal illnesses.

The concept for Enduranote originated when Coleman, an attorney and former police officer, was grieving his father’s passing on Father’s Day. His young son asked, "Wouldn't it have been great if your dad could have sent you a message before he died, knowing you could get it today?" This triggered three years of extensive research and development to make the touching sentiment a reality. Three years later, Enduranote was launched at www.enduranote.com.

Enduranote’s plans start at $24.95 per year, and only charge senders while still accessing accounts. Once a sender’s account is activated by recipients, Enduranote automatically stops charging the sender, and a 20, 50 or even 100 year message schedule begins. Recipients receive messages free.

Coleman noted that further improvements are coming. “We have many enhancements underway, all at no increased cost to our current users. For example, a few users have said they want to use Enduranote to schedule messages for future specific dates -- while they are still alive. So we are developing a function that enables users to deliver messages without activating their future delivery schedule. We are also adding scheduled social media integration, so Enduranote users will be able to control other aspects of their online presence in preparation for when they are gone.”

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