Echostreams is Teaming Up with ActiveScaler at Intel IDF 2014 San Francisco, Showing Acceleration Software Platform – ASAP for IoT

IDF14 San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO--()--The IoT (Internet of Things) concept has broadened to cover a plethora of technologies, applications and services. Many enterprises and service providers are exploring the opportunity to offer applications and services in the emerging IoT business space. Most of these developers face two-fold challenges – at one side they have to make attractive and compelling front end to provide value to customers and on the other side they have to scale their backend to support real-time interaction for millions of users and devices. These applications and services need to work in the context of individual customers’ personal preferences, past behavior analytics and real-time interactions, and make decisions in a split second to “catch customers in action.” ActiveScaler is helping to solve this big problem for application providers so they can develop contextually aware, real-time applications with highly available backend without worrying about performance and scalability issues.

“With ActiveScaler’s ASAP and Echostreams’ eDrawer4072S, you will have the power of ‘Integrated Cloud in a Box,’”

Abhay Jain, co-founder of ActiveScaler, explained, “Applications like Connected Car is a good example of such applications where current IT infrastructure and technologies are failing and need a new approach to collect information from your phone and car to make real-time decisions to catch customers in action.”

Paul Gulati, VP of Business Development of ActiveScaler, emphasized that in order to deliver such applications the servers must also offer the capability to handle multiple messaging protocols, a versatile and powerful policy engine and high performance storage capable to scale to serve millions of device and users 24x7. These next-generation applications are changing the way we have done business before and every business will see the need and benefit of these solutions immediately.

ActiveScaler and Echostreams have packaged the ASAP and eDrawer4072S solutions for delivering “Contextual Actionable Intelligence,” high-density storage and blazing fast performance right out of the box. With up to 72 bays, 432 TB capacity and 40 Gbps Ethernet connectivity, customers can get high performance, scalable cloud storage and IoT protocol support ready to deploy. They can add hardware capacity as they grow, and automated provisioning tools, support of large open source SDK, multiple language binding and seamless migration to production will reduce development effort and risk significantly.

“With ActiveScaler’s ASAP and Echostreams’ eDrawer4072S, you will have the power of ‘Integrated Cloud in a Box,’” said Gene Lee, president and CEO, Echostreams. “This combined solution will enable companies to harness all Big Data information from IoT devices, analyze them, and respond in real time. Furthermore, this solution also can be scaled up and scaled out when the time and demand needed without any interruption.”

For live demo, please visit our booth 350 at Intel IDF 2014, San Francisco.

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ActiveScaler is building the Acceleration Software Platform – ASAP for IoT (the Internet of Things), all of which are increasingly demanding actionable intelligence in real time. For more information, please visit


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