IFA 2014

Loewe: Never Stop Beginning

  • Completely new UHD television range
  • Fascinating new applications
  • Also available for current products
  • Four new television lines
  • Made in Germany

IFA 2014

KRONACH, Germany & BERLIN--()--In line with the "Never Stop Beginning" theme for IFA 2014, Loewe is presenting a completely new range of products, including an exclusive line of ultra high definition televisions. The company is also offering a convenient software upgrade that makes it possible to use all of the exciting new applications presented at IFA with Loewe televisions currently on the market. This emphasises the lasting value of the company's premium products.

Loewe Operating System

All of the new applications are fully integrated into the Loewe Operating System. The company is introducing fascinating, fun to use new features that are specifically designed to enhance the usability of a home entertainment system. The applications range from fast channel changing and an intelligent artist search, to remote programming with a smartphone and mobile TV viewing on a tablet via home Wi-Fi network. Particularly interesting is the Loewe television with an integrated hard disk recorder. The new Loewe Multi Recording feature will make it possible to record two different programmes and watch a third channel all at the same time. This system also works with an external USB hard drive.

Loewe Masterpiece: an elegant television with curved screen technology

The Loewe Masterpiece is the company's newest-generation designer television with a slightly rounded display that opens up new creative and technical options. This revolutionary curved TV virtually places the viewer in the centre of the action. The curvature significantly increases the sense of contrast and spatial depth. Equalising the distance between the viewer and all areas of the screen makes images appear larger, more realistic and natural in ultra-high definition quality.

Loewe has created a holistic, unparalleled product experience with the Masterpiece. This is based on cutting edge imaging technology and enhanced by the powerful sound Loewe Technologies GmbH of the audio system integrated into the pedestal. The Loewe Masterpiece will be presented at IFA 2014 as a design study with 65-inch screen.

Loewe Reference: high-end television with excellent sound quality

The new Loewe Reference is a high-end Smart TV that impresses not only with perfect picture, but also with absolutely brilliant sound quality. Exquisite materials range from the aluminium frame that surrounds the screen like a work of art to the anti-reflective contrast filter and variety of high-quality fabrics available for the speaker covers. An intelligent speaker configuration designed by audio specialists at SOEN© creates stunningly brilliant sound that would otherwise only be available with an add-on sound bars. In Loewe Cinema Surround Mode, the SOEN© sound bar generates impressive virtual 3D audio without additional speakers. The new Loewe Reference can also be expanded with external Loewe speakers into a full-scale home entertainment system. Loewe Connect: the networking expert

Watch one channel while following another in picture-in-picture mode and recording a third TV programme with the integrated hard disk recorder – these capabilities are what make the new Loewe Connect television line so unique. All this and more is now possible using a mobile device. Easy and intuitive, Loewe Mobile Recording enables users to program the television via the Loewe Smart Assist app for Android and iOS – in case the meeting lasts longer than expected and they want to record the movie at home. Programming the integrated hard disk recorder is easier than ever with the Loewe electronic programme guide – which is fully integrated into the television and the Loewe app.

Loewe Art: lightening fast zapping

The new line of Loewe Art televisions is like all other new Loewe TVs the world's fastest when it comes to changing channels. This gives viewers a complete overview of what's on the other channels when a movie is interrupted by commercials. It also works perfectly with picture-in-picture technology to keep an eye on the current programme. High-speed channel changes with Loewe Instant Zapping ensures maximum user convenience.

Made in Germany

From the initial design drawings to the technological concept, all Loewe products are engineered in Germany. The benefits are plain to see: decades of experience and a Loewe Technologies GmbH professional partner network guarantee highest quality premium products. Most of the products in the Loewe portfolio are also manufactured in Germany.


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