E-Seek Model 500 supports MorphoTrust USA in E-CAT airport solution

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SAN DIEGO, Calif.--()--E-Seek, Inc is pleased to announce its role as a supplier in the recently announced contract awarded by the TSA to MorphoTrust USA (Safran) to provide Enhanced Credential Authentication Technology (E-CAT) at selected U.S. Airports. The contract will allow TSA travel document checkers to scan passenger credentials at airport checkpoints as opposed to the current visual inspection.

As the ID-1 Card Reader component within the E-CAT solution, the E-Seek Model 500 will rapidly read multiple security features imbedded in a passenger’s identification card and pass on the data to MorphoTrust® Document Authentication software for analysis to ensure the card has not been altered or is counterfeit. The product’s unique design features a single slot input that is independent of orientation – upside down, backwards, or forwards – so that the Model 500 will analyze and read the card regardless of how it is submitted.

After the card is inserted, the Model 500 sends a 600/1200 DPI image of both sides of the card; UV images of the front and back of the card; an IR image of the front and back; and ASCII decoded data of the barcode and magnetic stripe.

MorphoTrust has provided identity solutions and services to the TSA for more than eight years. It is the prime contractor for TSA’s Universal Enrollment Services (UES) and TSA Pre™. UES has successfully consolidated the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and Hazardous Materials Endorsement Threat Assessment Program into a single service with convenient enrollment locations nationwide.

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Based in Costa Mesa, CA, E-Seek is a leading developer and marketer of unique two dimensional (2D) and 1D barcode readers and the Model 500 authenticator specifically for government issued licenses and ID cards. In addition to being a fast and accurate read of data contained in the card, the compact size and reliability make E-Seek’s products the choice for many law enforcement, financial institutions, retailers and government agencies.


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E-Seek Model 500 supports MorphoTrust USA in $85-million E-CAT credential solution for U.S. Airports

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