Array Health and Benaissance Partner to Improve Branded Private Exchange Financial Management Capability

Array Health’s private insurance exchange solution enhanced with Benaissance’s premium billing and payment collection functionality to simplify benefit administration for consumers, employers and insurers

SEATTLE--()--Array Health and Benaissance jointly announced a partnership to integrate their insurance exchange solutions. Through this partnership, the Array Spectrum™ private exchange solution will include the Benaissance ExchangePoint platform for billing, payment collection and premium remittance processing. By teaming up, the combined solution will give consumers the streamlined and intuitive shopping and enrollment experience they want, while offering employers and insurers the advanced billing functionality they need.

“Array Health operated a multi-carrier exchange in the Pacific Northwest for years prior to offering single-carrier private exchange solutions”

The Array Spectrum™ solution enables health plans to deliver their own branded online exchange—a strategic channel that helps them differentiate their offerings, better serve their existing customers and attract new members. Array’s insurer customers use the exchange solution to manage groups of all sizes (large, medium and small) as well as retirees. The solution supports multiple funding models including defined benefit and defined contribution.

Benaissance ExchangePoint is a cloud-based premium billing and payment system designed to address the complex compliance, tracking, and consolidated billing challenges unique to carriers and governments. This secure and scalable solution is a central billing system of record with integrated payment and mail services. ExchangePoint delivers easy-to-read consolidated premium invoices – with online self-service member portals – for an improved private exchange consumer experience.

While private exchanges can offer increased capabilities for consumers, they do present new challenges for billing and payment processing. Many insurers are struggling to accurately invoice, collect and track premiums across multiple products due to expanding subsidies, coupons/credits and the need to support retroactive payments and adjustments at an individual and consolidated level. Carriers often lack the ability to securely and efficiently process both employer payments and individual member payments, which may be made by credit/debit card or check. This increase in complexity also presents a barrier for members or customer support staff to easily review payment history.

The integration of Benaissance ExchangePoint and Array Spectrum™ will allow carriers to simplify payment operations while delivering essential information to both employers and individual members. The solution will ensure accurate revenue recognition and receivable management by tracking individual, group and third-party payments while allocating partial payments to carrier and ancillary product vendors. It will also support retroactive payments, adjustments and present consolidated bills and invoices. The integrated solution will provide members and support staff with a complete history of payments and allocations to purchased products.

“We are thrilled to partner with Array Health,” said John Jenkins, president and CEO of Benaissance. “Array Health is providing consumers more health insurance choices, while also simplifying both insurers’ and groups’ enrollment processes. By combining our solutions we can optimize the branded private exchange experience to the benefit of all key stakeholders: consumers, employers and insurance carriers.”

“Array Health operated a multi-carrier exchange in the Pacific Northwest for years prior to offering single-carrier private exchange solutions,” said Jonathan Rickert, CEO of Array Health. “This experience gave us deep insight into the sophistication of accounting, billing and reconciliation capabilities needed to deliver an exceptional billing and payment system. Therefore, when looking for a partner in this area, we knew exactly what we wanted. Luckily, Benaissance had the functionality we were looking for as well as a complete and proven approach for private exchanges.”

About Array Health

Array Health is a leading provider of private insurance exchange technology. Its cloud-based software platform enables health plans of any size to deliver their own branded online exchange—a strategic channel that helps them compete and thrive. It also provides employers a new way to control costs and gives members a better way to buy benefits. Array Health is a privately held company based in Seattle. To learn more, visit

About Benaissance

Benaissance is the nation’s leading cloud-based financial management partner for health benefits. Through the company’s proprietary SaaS + services ExchangePoint and COBRApoint platforms, Benaissance is empowering health plans, private exchanges, states and benefit administrators to provide always-on access to health benefits for millions of Americans. To learn more, visit


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