Wallingford Ct. School District Partners with Z-Medica to Roll out the “SAFE” Program

First School System in the Country to Implement the QuikClot® Bleeding Control Bag

WALLINGFORD, Conn.--()--As schools across the country are re-opening following summer break, the Wallingford, CT School District will be doing so with student and staff safety in mind.

“Any time there is an incident that could potentially threaten the safety of students and teachers, protocol calls for schools to be ‘locked-down,’ to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the school until the scene has been secured”

Working with Wallingford-based Z-Medica in a three-year pilot study called the SAFE (Student And Faculty Emergency) Program, every school in the district will now be equipped with a QuikClot® Bleeding Control Bag containing advanced first-aid products designed to provide lifesaving hemostatic control until first responders can arrive or professional medical attention can be sought.

“Providing a safe and nurturing environment in which our students can learn and our faculty can teach is a priority here in the Wallingford public school system,” said schools Superintendent Dr. Salvatore Menzo. “The SAFE Program utilizes the QuikClot Bleeding Control Bag which would be used to control bleeding in a broad range of situations, ultimately saving lives. It is for this reason that we have partnered with Z-Medica and are developing this program, designed with student and staff safety in mind.”

The equipment is similar to those used in military, hospital ERs and carried in and with EMS and law enforcement across the nation. In short, it ensures continuum of critical care from the classroom to the emergency room.

“Any time there is an incident that could potentially threaten the safety of students and teachers, protocol calls for schools to be ‘locked-down,’ to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the school until the scene has been secured,” said Wallingford Mayor William W. Dickinson. “This includes our Emergency Services personnel who must wait until police deem the site safe. Now, we can be assured that our school staff have access to potentially life-saving tools at their fingertips.”

Much like automated external defibrillator (AED), the QuikClot Bleeding Control Bag is designed to provide needed and rapid treatment to an injured individual or group to keep them stable until medical attention can be sought. Many schools have set protocols in place when it comes to emergencies and use of AEDs. Implementing the use of the QuikClot Bleeding Control Bag can provide school staff with an added layer of preparedness in the event an accident should occur or bleeding is needed to be controlled.

“Helping to save lives is the very core of our business; it is what we do,” said Stephen J. Fanning, President and CEO of Z-Medica. “Being able to deliver this level of medical preparedness to schools is something we are focused on and will not rest until every school and public place is equipped with these essential tools.”

The QuikClot Bleeding Control Bag provided by Wallingford-based Z-Medica and contains enough QuikClot hemostatic dressing, tourniquets, gloves, and pressure dressings to treat up to 10 injuries at the same time. The design of the bag makes it ideal for multiple locations, is easily transportable throughout the school, and highly visible. While intuitive to use, the school system has received the proper training to administer life-saving treatment in the event of an incident.

During the course of the pilot program, Z-Medica will work with school administrators to determine what products are best suited for the school environment, taking into consideration multiple factors such as the school’s proximity to Emergency Services, size of student populations and the current state of a school’s emergency preparedness.

With the proper equipment in place, schools have the tools to provide medical care.

About Wallingford Schools

The Wallingford Public Schools is a community made up of two high schools, two middle schools and four K-2 elementary schools, and four 3-5 elementary schools. There is also a Central Office that oversees all of the schools, helping to ensure that each of our students is taught by innovative educators and provided with a safe and academically stimulating environment. The Wallingford Board of Education is our governing body.

About Z-Medica®, LLC

Z-Medica, LLC is a medical device company founded in 2002 developing fast acting, easy to use, hemostasis products that stop bleeding whenever and wherever it occurs, making it possible to save lives and improve patient outcomes. QuikClot products are developed and manufactured in the United States for use in the military, law enforcement, hospitals and general population. Z-Medica, LLC is a privately-held company based in Wallingford, CT. For more information, visit www.z-medica.com.


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