Risk I/O Threat Management Platform to Include Verisign iDefense Zero-Day Vulnerability Intelligence

Risk I/O Threat Processing Engine Will Alert Customers of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

CHICAGO--()--Risk I/O, the leading vulnerability threat management platform announced today that they have licensed Verisign’s iDefense vulnerability intelligence reports which will be included and fully integrated into Risk I/O’s threat processing engine. Verisign’s vulnerability, attack and exploit data includes unpublished zero-day vulnerabilities collected from over 30,000 products and 400 technology vendors which will be incorporated into the Risk I/O platform. Risk I/O threat processing correlates attack and breach information with a customer’s vulnerability data showing them the greatest risk of a breach for their environment.

“To really understand risk, you can’t look at threats and vulnerabilities separately, you have to bring them together in context with the actual business assets you’re protecting”

“To really understand risk, you can’t look at threats and vulnerabilities separately, you have to bring them together in context with the actual business assets you’re protecting,” said Ed Bellis, Risk I/O Co-Founder and CEO. “It’s not uncommon for security teams to spend days or even weeks remediating the wrong issues because they’re chasing vulnerabilities at the top of the CVSS list. But, by correlating vulnerability data with global attack and breach data, those teams gain unprecedented insight into where their company is most likely to be attacked, making it easier for them to remediate the right vulnerabilities quickly.”

Risk I/O’s SaaS-based vulnerability threat management platform continuously aggregates attack data, threat data, and exploit data from across the Internet, matching this data with the company’s own vulnerability scan data to generate a prioritized list of vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited. Also, by integrating with bug fix and ticketing systems, Risk I/O enables organizations to implement remediation for prioritized vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered. Risk I/O currently processes more than a billion vulnerabilities each month.

“We are excited to bring Verisign’s iDefense vulnerability intelligence to a broader audience through Risk I/O’s vulnerability threat management platform,” said Josh Ray, senior director, Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services. “One of the biggest challenges facing security teams today is staying up-to-date on the ever-changing security threat landscape. The inclusion of Verisign iDefense intelligence into the Risk I/O service will provide security practitioners with the actionable cyber security details they need to help protect their enterprise.”

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About Risk I/O

Risk I/O is a vulnerability threat management platform that processes external Internet breach and exploit data with an organization's vulnerability scan data to monitor, measure and prioritize vulnerability remediation across their IT environment. As a result, organizations know their likelihood of experiencing a breach and what vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk. Risk I/O processes over a billion vulnerabilities a month against Internet breach data for its users. Backed by US Venture Partners, Tugboat Ventures, Costanoa Venture Capital, and Hyde Park Angels, Risk I/O is headquartered in Chicago, IL. For more information about Risk I/O visit https://www.risk.io.


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Release Summary

Risk I/O's vulnerability threat management platform now features Verisign’s iDefense vulnerability intelligence, enabling organizations to correlate and identify the greatest risk of a breach.