UANI Statement on Rouhani’s One Year Anniversary in Office

NEW YORK--()--Today, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace issued the following statement on the one year anniversary of Rouhani’s tenure as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

When Rouhani was inaugurated as President last year there was hope in some circles that the regime would pursue more moderate policies at home and abroad. Unfortunately, Rouhani has instead continued the regime’s extremist policies: including its violent oppression of Iranian citizens, financing of terrorist militias and proxies, support for the brutal Assad regime in Syria while refusing to rollback its illicit nuclear program. This year-long record, particularly when viewed in combination with Rouhani’s decades long and well-documented tenure as a regime insider, underscores the hostile nature of the Iranian regime and the need to ensure that Iran is never allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.

UANI has been meticulously tracking Rouhani’s behavior in office by compiling a list of resources that provide a detailed account of the nefarious activities that continue to take place under his tenure.

Rouhani's Record in Office
While President Rouhani sometimes speaks the language of conciliation, as it stands, the regime's nuclear program and extremist and violent behavior continues.

Iran State Sponsor of Terrorism Timeline
Iran has been repeatedly tied to terrorist organizations and terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies throughout the world.

Rouhani Accountability Tracker & Rouhani: The Ultimate Regime Insider
An examination of Rouhani’s actions and rhetoric demonstrates that Rouhani is not a “moderate.” Rather he is an extremist whose views are in line with the most radical elements within Iran’s government.

Rouhani's Regime Résumé
Rouhani’s ties to the Iranian regime can be traced back to the 1979 revolution and the hostage takeover of the American Embassy.

Rouhani: In His Own Words
Rouhani is one of the most powerful political officials in Iran. Understanding his political and ideological views—"In His Own Words"— is crucial to understanding the Iranian regime’s current domestic and foreign policies.


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UANI Statement on Rouhani’s One Year Anniversary in Office

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