Announcing the Formation of Schawbel Technologies, LLC

BEDFORD, Mass.--()--William Schawbel, founder and owner of The Schawbel Corporation, announced the formation of a new business entity, Schawbel Technologies, LLC, following the sale of the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent business to Kinderhook Industries, a New York equity-based firm.

“In the past decade, we have grown the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent business significantly, changing the way millions of consumers seek protection from mosquitoes. Now, through our relationship with Kinderhook and the utilization of their resources and infrastructure, I look forward to being part of the continued growth of Thermacell Mosquito Repellents as a board member and stockholder for the business,” said Bill Schawbel.

Part of the transaction includes the establishment of a new company, Schawbel Technologies, LLC, which includes the product development and research areas of the non-pesticide Thermacell technology, Schawbel Consulting, Asia Technical Services, and the Thermacell Heated Insoles business – a product line launched in 2012, which has recorded double-digit revenue growth since that time.

Schawbel Technologies, LLC will continue to focus on consumer products that will have global appeal and can leverage its worldwide Independent Sales organization, distributors, offshore manufacturing, and engineering resources.

Schawbel Technologies, LLC will also continue to provide fee-based consulting services to the philanthropic community in the development of mission based profit development businesses that can provide long-term sustainable sources of income.

About Thermacell Heated Insoles

Launched in 2012, Thermacell Heated Insoles were a new heated footwear product that incorporated wireless thermal technology and state-of-the-art materials. The product provides heated comfort and allows users to outlast the elements, whether for work or play. In 2014, a new one-of-a-kind heated insole is being introduced, which is even more versatile than the original product – Thermacell Heated Insoles ProFLEX. This product features removable/rechargeable lithium ion polymer batteries, extra flexibility, USB charging, water resistance, and superior fit and comfort. This proven technology allows the insoles to be adapted to all types of footwear at the manufacturing stage or as a separate line of products.

About Schawbel Consulting

Schawbel Consulting, a division of the newly formed Schawbel Technologies, LLC, provides its clients with augmentation of senior talent in all disciplines related to the global consumer product market. The organization has 110+ top-notch, globally-located, seasoned executives and professionals from diverse companies, products, and distribution channels. Schawbel Consulting’s clients range from start-ups to well-established public companies. For more information please contact: Veronica Zsolcsak,

About Asia Technical Services

Asia Technical Services (ATS), a division of the newly formed Schawbel Technologies, LLC, was established in 1988 to provide the highest quality tooling and manufacturing, sourcing, and quality control at Chinese and Taiwanese factory sites. The engineers of ATS vet factories, negotiate pricing, manage day-to-day production, and ensure quality control for all customers of Schawbel Technologies, LLC.

About Kinderhook

Founded in 2003, Kinderhook is a private equity firm with over $1.25 billion of committed capital and an investment philosophy based on combining senior management and operating experience in a variety of industries with the financial and investment know-how of private equity professionals. Kinderhook primarily makes control investments in companies with transaction values of $25-$150 million in which the firm believes it can achieve significant financial, operational and growth improvements. The firm targets orphaned non-core subsidiaries of corporate parents, existing small capitalization public companies lacking institutional support and management-led recapitalizations of entrepreneur-owned companies. By providing access to capital, strategic advice and an extensive network of relationships, Kinderhook has a history of successfully building privately held firms in partnership with management. For more information please visit:


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