Adult Performers Call on Isadore Hall to Scrap Controversial Condom Legislation

COMPTON, Calif.--()--Adult film performers, outraged over a new bill that threatens to take away rights, took action to stop it. Nina Hartley, Anikka Albrite, Alex Chance, Charli Piper and Mia Li delivered a petition signed by over 600 adult film stars to the office of California Assemblymember Isadore Hall, whose controversial condom bill, AB 1576, threatens to take away their right to control their own bodies.

“Performers are not being heard by Hall”

"Performers are not being heard by Hall," said Lorelei Lee, a performer who helped organize the trip, and who has been at the forefront of the battle to stop AB 1576. “We are not being heard by many in the Capitol. If they refuse to listen to us, we will show up on their doorstep, we will speak out until they recognize the legitimacy of our voices."

Hall has refused repeated requests by performers and producers to work on legislation that could improve performer safety, in favor of legislation that makes shooting without a condom a criminal offense in California.

AB 1576 heads for its first Senate vote Wednesday. Performers also plan to lobby legislators in Sacramento Tuesday.

In addition to the stack of petitions and letters from progressive groups opposing the measure, the performers released this statement:

Dear Assemblymember Hall,

In delivering these petitions and letters, we ask that you respect the very real issues adult performers have with this bill and withdraw AB 1576. You designed a bill that would radically transform our workplace without increasing our on the job safety. You never asked us what we thought, or how this bill might negatively affect us.

We have serious concerns about the ways in which this bill violates our privacy, strips us of our rights, and criminalizes our work without addressing any of our actual labor issues. This bill will in fact deteriorate the safety protections we now have in place.

We have a compelling interest in working to improve performer safety, health, choice and privacy. This bill accomplishes none of those things. We ask that you recognize the opposition of performers to this bill and withdraw AB 1576.

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