Eurobiomed and Biocom Sign a Cooperation Agreement at the BIO International Convention in San Diego

  • California based Biocom is the 2nd largest biotechnology cluster in the world with over 500 member companies.
  • Eurobiomed, based in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) and Languedoc-Roussillon regions, is the largest healthcare cluster in France with 230 active members.
  • The collaboration between the two clusters has already led to the international development of member companies.
2014 BIO International Convention

SAN DIEGO--()--Eurobiomed and Biocom signed a partnership agreement on behalf of their member companies during the BIO International Convention. This agreement formalizes the shared desire to strengthen ties between the two French regions of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) and Languedoc Roussillon (LR) with the American State of California and thereby accelerate the international development of the member companies of these two clusters.

“Thanks to this agreement, our members will receive the best possible support allowing them to build successful partnerships both commercially and in terms of R&D.”

The collaboration plans to take joint actions strengthening the skills and knowledge targeting the health markets for businesses located in both California and the French Regions of PACA and LR. The agreement plans to develop the individual businesses of the two clusters through training, advisory on European and U.S. regulations, cost savings through central purchasing, and combining their contract research organizations. Privileged arrangements will be set up for exchanges within the scientific network of excellence of each territory.

Furthermore, bringing the clusters together will help in raising funds through referrals to private investor partners, as well as support prospecting and providing footholds in the territories.

California has a concentration of over 2,323 biomedical companies, generating annual revenues of $115.4 billion in 2012. This agreement falls within the context of a two-year effort led by Eurobiomed and the PACA region, in association with a range of partners such as ARII1, SATT South East, Provence Promotion, and Team Côte d'Azur to develop internationally towards the United States.

From September 2012 to September 2013, the experimental phase of this operation already gave birth to two technological partnerships, along with private investment projects and localizations in the PACA region as well as the implantation of Neuroservice from the PACA Region in California.

Export and internationalization are part of the services Eurobiomed offers to its member companies. Which is why the cluster accompanied a delegation of 13 regional companies to San Diego for the BIO International Convention held from June 23 to 26, 2014. PACA companies include Txcell, Syncrosome, Trophos, Iris Pharma, Nicox, Provepharm, Neuroservice, Audit&Risk Solutions and Medicodose Systems. Companies from Languedoc Roussillon are Medincell, Ciloa, Oxeltis and the Régimbeau Firm.

"Companies seeking to go international face a certain amount of difficulties, for exemple in terms of regulations", says Jacquie Berthe, President of Eurobiomed. "Thanks to this agreement, our members will receive the best possible support allowing them to build successful partnerships both commercially and in terms of R&D."

About Eurobiomed
EUROBIOMED is a healthcare competitiveness cluster established in 2006 at the initiative of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Languedoc Roussillon regions of France.

EUROBIOMED is a European leader in healthcare with a network of over 400 companies ranging from innovative SME/VSE to major players such as Sanofi, Galderma, Virbac, Bio-Rad, Qiagen, Bausch and Lomb, Horiba Medical, and Thermofischer. The cluster has 230 active members, 400 research laboratories, and four University Hospitals with 39,000 students spread over eight universities and numerous engineering schools. As a pioneer in the field of biomedical innovation, EUROBIOMED has pushed forward major projects positioning France at the cutting edge of future challenges, including: rare diseases (RARE), new diagnostic tools (EuroMeDiag and the Meta Cluster EDCA) research and development of antibodies to fight cancer and inflammatory diseases (MARSEILLE IMMUNOPOLE), and in the e-health sector (DIGIHEALTH).

To extend its members' footprint, EUROBIOMED provides a wide range of services: management of major projects, setting up R&D projects, locating partnerships and financing, international development, sourcing, moderating and networking.

8 years after the creation of the cluster, its pro-innovation policy is already bearing fruit: 121 projects have received national and European level financing in the amount of €423 million, thus creating more than 550 direct jobs in the area. In addition, the investment program for the future has brought in €500 million in financing to the region.

1 The Regional Agency for Enterprise Innovation and Internationalization formed in November 2013


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Eurobiomed and Biocom sign a cooperation agreement at the BIO International Convention in San Diego.