Freshology Facts Uncovered - Why The Stars Really Love It

A-List Stars Set New Year's Resolutions and Lose Weight Eating Healthy Pre-Cooked Dinners

WALPOLE, Mass.--()--Katy Perry, Pink, Hilary Duff, and Gladys Knight may not seem like they have much in common, but these stars are all singing a little louder this year thanks to their new sexier bodies. Ricki Lake has also joined their ranks after dropping more than 100 pounds. All of these stars can afford private chefs and personal trainers, but neither of these things helped them lose weight. Instead, they turned to Freshology.

“Click Here To See All The Wonderful Meals Freshology Has To Offer”

"Click Here To See All The Wonderful Meals Freshology Has To Offer"

Freshology is a nationwide company that helps people to lose weight by delivering taste, style, and convenience to their doorstep. They offer a huge range of delicious meals that are prepared with fresh healthy ingredients that have been beautifully arranged by culinary artists.

Stars who have turned to this company never have to worry about portion control or calorie counting as each individually created meal plan offers meals that are just the right size with just the right number of calories to help them create and maintain the body of their dreams.

All Star Moms

Stars and female stars in particular face an incredible amount of pressure to be thin, and this is especially true for mothers like Ricki Lake and Hillary Duff who have had to maintain their image while losing baby weight. For years, Ricki Lake was the fat talk show host. Often weighing in at more than 240 pounds, Lake was never famous for her cute body.

All of that changed after she turned to Freshology. When Lake appeared at the Cannes Film Festival to debut her documentary The Business of Being Born, she was sporting size four clothes and a new perfect body. In spite of being a new mom, Lake was looking better than ever. Duff was also able to maintain her sexy body in spite being a new mom.

Solutions for Moms

Whether you are a star or not, losing baby weight can be one of the hardest things to things to accomplish, but Freshology makes it easy. With a new baby to care for, it can be hard to find time to take care of necessities like sleeping or showering much less find time to menu plan, grocery shop, or cook. However, when new moms turn to Freshology, they get to enjoy a professionally planned 28 day meal rotation--they never have to eat the same thing twice in a month.

Because the meals are delivered to their door, they don’t have to grocery shop or cook. It is all done for them. Their diet delivery system is perfect for new moms who want to regain their old bodies while still staying healthy. They even offer meal plans that are just right for the needs of nursing moms.

Weight Loss and Wellness

Freshology’s creative healthy meal plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert for every day of the week. Each carefully planned meal maximizes the power of natural proteins, and the company never uses hormones or antibodies.

Each day’s menu includes a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables that are perfect for increasing life expectancy, boosting immunity, and fighting disease. They also contain antioxidants that build a body's resistance to illness. These meals are not just about weight loss--they are about wellness.

No Need for A Personal Chef

Hilary Duff, Gladys Knight, Pink, and Ricki Lake may all be able to afford a personal chef, but thanks to Freshology they don’t need to hire one Freshology is the only company offering pre-cooked meals that are tasty, stylish, and convenient.

The company uses FedEx to deliver their freshly cooked meals straight to their clients’ doorsteps, and because they deliver twice a week, their programs are perfect for people who live on both coasts or people who travel.

The culinary director for this gourmet meal program is Raffi J Asadourian (former chef from the Pinot Bistro in Studio City). Asadourian brings his creative genius, culinary rigor, and incredible palate to the company. Every meal has been artistically crafted based on his years of experience working alongside masters in the industry.

A lifelong lover of food and exercise, Asadourian knows that you don’t have to sacrifice wellness for good taste. Thus, his choices are fueled by his personal commitment to promoting health and wellness alongside of tasty dishes.

New Year’s Resolutions That Work For Everyone

Based out of Southern California, Freshology is the brainchild of Todd Demann. Founder and CEO Demann beings his experience in fresh dining and business administration to the company. Demann knows that his meals shape the bodies of some of the country’s hottest stars, but he loves that his prices are accessible for all kinds of people in all walks of life throughout the country. He encourages people to meet their New Year’s Resolutions to be fitter, and he loves that they can do it using Freshology.

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