TriLASTIN SR - Important Information Now Revealed

The Manufacturers of TriLASTIN SR Have Uncovered the Natural Regeneration Processes of Skin

WALPOLE, Mass.--()--By getting to the bottom of how skin regenerates, TriLASTIN SR has been able to create a stretch mark removal cream that really works.

“We Highly Recommend Clicking This Link and Visit for Additional Information”

"We Highly Recommend Clicking This Link and Visit for Additional Information"

Essentially, stretch marks are just dermal scars that appear when the elastic fibers of the skin have been torn. This can happen when the skin is stretched during periods of weight loss or weight gain including during pregnancy.

Countless companies have tried to remedy this situation with a variety of topical creams and other solutions to remove stretch marks, but only TriLASTIN SR has been truly successful at this endeavor. For that reason, it has even been declared as the number one stretch mark removal cream by numerous review websites.

Amazing Results

"At least three case studies have proven that this cream really works to remove and reduce stretch marks." Tracking the healing of three different women ranging in age from 24 to 56, these case studies have proven the efficacy of this cream. After only a few weeks using the cream, all of the women sported clearly diminished scars, and after four months to a year, their scars had virtually been eliminated. Their skin looked smooth and free of marks.

Simulating the Skin's Natural Healing Processes

Combining a unique recipe of peptides, proteins, anti-oxidants and humectants, TriLASTIN SR encourages the skin to naturally heal itself. These ingredients cause the skin to create more collagen and elastin. Together, these elements comprise the fabric of the skin, and by regenerating the fabric of skin, TriLASTIN SR removes stretch marks and scars naturally and easily.

Filling in Furrows Naturally with Collagen

Collegan is what makes someone's skin strong and firm, but unfortunately, as a person ages, their body reduces the amount of collagen that it produces. When the skin doesn't have enough collagen, it loses its strength and it starts to buckle or wrinkle under its own weight. To help combat reduced levels of collagen production, TriLASTIN SR contains microspheres that are filled with collagen.

When these microspheres reach the skin, they expand by absorbing the skin's moisture. These expanded microspheres cause the surrounding tissue to expand, and the expanded tissues fill in any crevices or furrows that have been created by the stretch marks. Eventually, the moisture that has been absorbed by the microspheres is re-released into the skin making it moisturized, soft, and pliable.

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Promoting Elasticity

Elastin is the protein that allows skin to stretch. The amount of elastin that a person has is often genetically determined which explains why some people suffer from stretch marks more than other people. Sadly, elastin production starts to reduce for everyone just after puberty. By encouraging the body to make more elastin, TriLASTIN makes skin stretchier and thus less likely to harbor stretch marks.

Fast Results

Because the scientists who created TriLASTIN SR understood so much about the skin regeneration process, they were able to make a product that worked quickly. Although results vary based on genetics and the severity of the individual's stretch marks, most people see results in just three to four weeks.

Within two to three months, most people see maximum results, and by that time, many people have eliminated all of their stretch marks. Luckily, the company also has a sixty day money back guarantee so if the product is not effective, shoppers can easily return it.

TriLASTIN SR Regenerates Skin

"The cream works for anyone who is concerned about their skin, and the manufacturers even have special creams to address cellulite and stretch marks that have been caused by pregnancy or aging."

TriLASTIN SR is made by EC Research who is committed to providing consumers with safe and effective skincare solutions. They believe that by changing skin, they can help to reveal inner beauty and change lives. Their products are made in the United States, and they can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world.

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