Zamansky & Associates Notifies Lehman Structured Noteholders They Should Contact Us to Protect Their Legal Rights

NEW YORK--()--Zamansky & Associates LLC notifies all customers of UBS Financial Services (NYSE: UBS) who purchased Lehman Brothers 100% Principal Protection Notes, or other notes based on Lehman Brothers, that they should contact us immediately to preserve their legal rights. Zamansky continues to win substantial settlements for UBS customers with losses in Lehman notes, through individual claims in arbitration.

During 2007 – 2008, UBS sold an estimated $1.2 billion of Lehman structured notes to its captive brokerage account customers. UBS recommended these Lehman notes as “conservative” investments that were suitable for retirees and other investors seeking safety and income, or who wanted out of the increasingly volatile stock market. The Lehman notes had names such as 100% Principal Protection Notes, Return Optimization Securities and Auto-Callable Optimization Securities. UBS customers were generally unaware that these supposedly “safe” notes were risky debt linked to Lehman Brothers’ “toxic” balance sheet, and were shocked when the notes defaulted when Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

If this describes your experience, you should contact Zamansky and inquire about filing your own individual case to recover your losses from UBS. Your own case is separate from the bankruptcy case, and may have merit even if you are wealthy, sophisticated or you invested modest amounts.

If you do not pursue your own case, you will be subject to the pending federal court class action which is based only on prospectus failures. Unless you “opt out” of the class action, your recovery will be limited to any class action settlement. Historically, successful securities class actions have yielded relatively modest recoveries—between 2.1 and 3.3% from 1996 through 2011. An arbitration is likely to yield a greater recovery because the strengths of your individual situation and case can be highlighted.

Zamansky won two arbitration awards for investors against UBS for full recovery, or 100% of the losses, on Lehman Brothers 100% Principal Protection Notes. One of the wins is the largest arbitration award to date against UBS on these notes. We have successfully represented dozens of other UBS customers who suffered losses through their Lehman note investments, and no other firm has our experience with these cases.

What You May Do

If you would like to discuss your legal rights and how you can recover your losses through bringing an individual arbitration, you may, without obligation or cost to you, email or call the law firm at (212) 742-1414.

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Release Summary

Lehman structured note holders should contact Zamansky to discuss legal rights and FINRA arbitration to recover the losses they suffered at UBS and other brokerage firms.

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