Guardian Life Brings Together Top Female Performers to Enhance Recruitment Efforts

NEW YORK--()--Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) today announced the successful conclusion of its annual Women Producers’ Summit in New York City, held last month. The conference brought together Guardian’s female Financial Representatives to celebrate the outstanding service they have given clients over the past year, and to discuss ways to recruit more women Financial Representatives in 2013 and beyond.

“It takes a lot of hard work, and isn’t for everyone; but this is a rewarding profession that many women have developed into a very lucrative career.”

“The role of a Financial Representative is a tremendous career opportunity for women,” said Emily Viner, Vice President, Agency Management and Leadership Development for Guardian Life. “This year’s conference gave us the opportunity to learn from our most successful women Financial Representatives, what the profession means to them and why they would recommend becoming a Financial Representative to other women looking to start or switch careers.”

Conference attendees noted that the best part about being a Financial Representative is the ability to structure one’s own practice. The flexible schedule and unlimited, results-based pay scale often provide the work-life balance many women strive to achieve throughout their careers.

Other Financial Representatives added that, as natural caretakers, women find the career fulfilling, because they have a direct impact on clients’ lives by helping build a financial future that fits each of their specific needs.

“Our profession is centered around the ability to develop and maintain significant and close relationships with our clients, which is a skill that comes naturally to most women,” said Karen Jessey, Financial Representative, Wealth Strategies Group. “It takes a lot of hard work, and isn’t for everyone; but this is a rewarding profession that many women have developed into a very lucrative career.”

“It is a demanding career and one that requires a great deal of discipline, but being a Financial Representative has given me the ability to build my own business with a work schedule that best fits with my life,” said Marguerite Rangel, Financial Representative, Pacific Advisors. “Over the years, I’ve figured out how to get the best of both worlds - I can have a challenging and rewarding career where I can give each of my clients the individual attention they need, and can still make sure that my family time is a priority – all thanks to my decision to change careers and become a Financial Representative.”

In conjunction with this year’s annual conference, Guardian announced its goal to have women make up at least 28% of the Financial Representatives recruited in 2013. Guardian Life is on pace to hiring more than 840 Financial Representatives across the country, which would be the most in any single-year period in the company’s 152 year history. Since 2009, the number of female Financial Representatives at Guardian has grown to more than 630, and the company has hired more than 150 in 2012 alone.

“We have been increasing recruitment efforts over the last few years to provide Americans with access to quality financial planning strategies, which is essential in today’s unstable economy,” continued Viner. “Our Financial Representatives, new and old, have come from very different previous careers and backgrounds. Through our training services and with the right attitude and personality, anyone can succeed. As we’ve seen from this year’s conference, being a Financial Representative not only comes with financial benefits, but also a better quality of life.”

With the success of this year’s conference, Guardian Life plans to grow this annual meeting so more women have the opportunity to meet with their peers and learn from each other’s experiences to grow their practices.

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