L’Affaire Petraeus!

ArchetypeMe casts the central characters of this real-life American drama in their classical archetypes

NEW YORK--()--“L’Affaire Petraeus,” the American story now gripping the world’s attention, is rife with defined characters that are as ancient as theatre itself. In a smart, entertaining feature, ArchetypeMe, the new online content and community destination where archetypes are the organizing principle, reveals the universal and timeless patterns of behavior at play in the General Petraeus affair. Go to www.ArchetypeMe.com/timeline/archetype-petraeus-scandal to discover how the absorbing antics of the Petraeuses, the Broadwells, and the Kelleys are ultimately their archetypes in dramatic action. Kings, Queens, Rebels, Advocates and more -- they’re all there!

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