Boutique Phoning Not Your Typical Boiler Room Call Center

Special niche offered for blind and partially sighted phoners working out of their home.

BOISE, Idaho--()--Boutique Phoning has a special niche nationally in the telephone marketing field. They specialize in business to business calls; performing such tasks as scheduling appointments, lead generation, updating client lists, research studies and following up on mailing campaigns.

Potential employees, many who are visually impaired or blind, are put through a rigorous screening processing for their marketing skills and customer service. The company is looking for worldly, educated, articulate people. If hired, the candidate is referred to as a personal telephone assistant and works on nationwide accounts. A partial sight or blind person has better listening skills and often a higher closing rate then their sighted counterparts. They work out of their home thereby avoiding transportation difficulties.

Jenny Facer is a blind personal telephone assistant working out of her home. In addition to working from a computer, she has a Braille display reader. The telemarketing list of names and phone numbers is in excel format which translate the information into voice and reads on her Braille display. She communicates with the client via email or telephone just as a sighted phoner.

Boutique Phoning makes a difference in the worldwide industry of telemarketing. What do you hear when you get a sales call from a boiler room call center? There is a lot of talking in the background. What do you want to do? Hang up. What makes the Boutique Phoning business unique is you hear nothing but an articulate, educated personal assistant. Phoners work out of their homes behind closed office doors, with the business utilizing VoIP to monitor how many hours they work, the number of calls made and how many decision-makers they’ve reached and the number of appointments set up.

Phoners spend up to five hours training one on one with the client; educating themselves on the client’s campaign. So a relationship develops between the personal telephone assistant and the customer. Many times the client doesn’t even know the personal telephone assistant is blind or partial sighted.

This week Bloomberg Businessweek ran a story on “Rural Outsources vs. Bangalore” which reaffirms the success of Middle America taking back telephone marketing from overseas.


Boutique Phoning
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Boutique Phoning