Goodman Law Group Seeks Costco Video of West Point Grad Allegedly Slain by Vegas Police

LAS VEGAS--()--Goodman Law Group reports that Erik Scott was shot by police outside a busy Summerlin, Nevada Costco store July 10. Many questions surround the shooting of Scott, who was carrying a licensed concealed weapon in a holster when he was surprised by officers as he exited the building with his girlfriend and other customers. Five of the seven shots that felled him were fired into his back.

“It’s been three weeks. They should release the video and 911 calls.”

Ross Goodman, attorney for the family of Erik Scott is questioning the official sequence of events. Erik was a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and had an MBA from Duke University. The case claims that if an educated, responsible, militarily-trained individual with a concealed weapons permit did not understand the instructions of the police, then any average citizen is at great risk of getting killed by police in a similar situation.

Much information regarding the incident has been withheld pending a coroner's inquest that was originally scheduled for September 3. The Clark County Coroner said the inquest was indefinitely postponed at the request of the District Attorney's office, which said additional witness statements are being gathered and surveillance videos are being reviewed by an out-of-state forensic laboratory. Testimony to be presented is expected to last two days, then a jury will determine whether the officers' actions were excusable, justifiable or criminal.

The district attorney won't release the recordings of 911 calls or surveillance videos until the inquest, and has not set a new date for the hearing. Until then, the family must rely on the statements of eyewitnesses, while continuing to request the release of the video data. Dozens of citizens have inundated the Costco Facebook page, and billboards in Las Vegas demand the video be released. An unauthorized transcript raises questions about what police were told by 911 callers.

Police claim Erik Scott pointed his gun at them outside the store's entrance after 911 callers reported him acting erratically and damaging merchandise. There are reports from witnesses that dispute each of those statements. Several witnesses said Scott appeared to be surprised and possibly confused by conflicting instructions from officers.

"We know there were four cameras outside of Costco that would've captured the shooting. We know that there was a camera within Costco, on the aisle, which would've covered allegations that Mr. Scott was acting erratically," said Goodman. "All they have to do is provide video and the tapes."

Erik Scott’s father, Bill Scott, 63, of Colorado Springs, is a journalist, author and former Air Force captain. He is calling for greater police accountability and for reform of Clark County's coroner inquest process. He said officer-involved shootings should be reviewed by third parties. “It’s been three weeks. They should release the video and 911 calls.”

There are several news reports regarding the incident available online by searching “Erik Scott Costco Shooting.”

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Goodman Law Group reports that West Point graduate Erik Scott was shot by police outside a busy Summerlin, Nevada Costco store July 10.

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