Dial2Do Partners with Evernote to Enhance Audio Notes Services

Through Voice2Note, Dial2Do Will Convert All Evernote Audio Notes to Searchable, Tag-able text and Offer Users Another Option for Recording Notes with Voice

DUBLIN & SAN FRANCISCO--()--Dial2Do, a technology company that enables voice-activated hands-free communications including email and text messaging, announced today that the company has extended its partnership with Evernote, the popular service that allows users to quickly capture thoughts and ideas on any device. Dial2Do has created a special service called Voice2Note where Evernote users can have all their recorded voice notes converted to searchable and tag-able text. Additionally, users can dial the Voice2Note phone number, speak notes and have them saved as both an audio file and as a transcribed note in their Evernote account.

“We've offered the ability to create voice notes in Evernote ever since we launched the product. Since day one, our users have requested that we add voice transcription capabilities”

Dial2Do users have already had the ability to speak notes to their Evernote accounts through the Dial2Do Handsfree Assistant, launched at the start of the year. Through this expanded relationship Evernote users will have the same capability, even if they are not registered with Dial2Do.

“We are very pleased to be deepening our partnership with Evernote and look forward to helping their 3 million users capture their thoughts and moments inspiration in the most natural way – with their voice,” said Ivan MacDonald, CEO, Dial2Do. “Dial2Do has enjoyed tremendous uptake with companies that cater to the driver. This partnership demonstrates that our service has application and value beyond the car. We believe Voice2Note will greatly enhance the Evernote users’ experience.”

Evernote users have always had options for recording notes with their voice. Now, Voice2Note from Dial2Do, checks a user's account for new voice notes and automatically pulls them, transcribes them, and inserts the transcription back into the note however they were recorded. Voice2Note is a powerful new option for recording notes by voice. Evernote users simply need to register at www.voice2note.com and connect to their accounts. Once set-up is complete, the user can dial the Voice2Note number, speak their note, indicate the tag they want applied to their note and then hang up. The voice note is transcribed and posted in the users’ Evernote account. And because Voice2Note converts all notes into text, it’s easy for users to search and find the note they are looking for at a later date.

"We've offered the ability to create voice notes in Evernote ever since we launched the product. Since day one, our users have requested that we add voice transcription capabilities," said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. "We're really excited about the Voice2Note integration from Dial2Do. Users can maintain their usual Evernote workflow, with the added bonus of automatic voice transcription. I expect our users will be very pleased with this integration."

At launch, Voice2Note will have the capability to convert notes spoken in English and will be available in two versions. The Basic plan is free and allows users to record five audio notes a month with no tagging. The Pro plan is $2.99/month or $29.99 for the year and includes unlimited note recording, tagging and high transcription frequency.

About Dial2Do

Dial2Do is a platform provider of a range of handsfree, voice activated messaging services. Dial2Do partners with a range of Bluetooth and handsfree device manufacturers – including Jabra, Jawbone, BlueTrek and EnusTech – enabling them to extend the value of their products and offer a handsfree messaging service that enables their users to use their voice send emails, text messages and connect with more than 30 of the most popular social networking and Web destinations such as Twitter, Evernote, and Google Calendar. Dial2Do services are available in multiple languages and in 22 countries around the world. Dial2Do was formerly part of Rococo software, a provider of Bluetooth enablement software to handset manufacturers, and is backed by Powerscourt Capital Partners and Enterprise Ireland. For more information or to trial the service, please visit www.dial2do.com.


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