Richmond Community Foundation Invites You to Witness Our First House Build Using Next Generation Green Building Products

When: Tuesday, August 8th, 10:30AM
Where: 1014 Florida Avenue, School Garden
What: Building affordable, energy efficient houses for the first-time homebuyer in the San Francisco Bay Area

Join us for a tour and demonstration of the new GigaCrete building method and meet the partners who are making Richmond better, one house at a time!

Please RSVP to Rosalind Welch, 510-234-1200,

RICHMOND, Calif.--()--Richmond Community Foundation (RCF), civic leaders and neighbors will celebrate the next ground-breaking steps in our innovative housing rehabilitation program, with the construction of the ultimate Green Zero Net Energy House at 1025 Florida Avenue in Richmond, CA. We invite you to examine a new way to build affordable housing.

“We’re proud to be a part of this innovative program, and we applaud this innovative approach to producing affordable housing”

Since launching in 2015, RCF’s Richmond Housing Renovation Program has acquired 17 blighted properties. Two properties have been selected for new, replacement homes using GigaCrete green building products. These next generation green building materials come in components, pre-engineered parts delivered to the building site as a complete set. This allows homebuilders to erect the structure (including the roof) with a smaller construction team, in days instead of months. The assembly requires minimal measuring and cutting and the completed house is more affordable than wood frame structures. It is immensely durable, engineered to withstand winds up to 200 m.p.h. and earthquakes rated for Zone 4. To add to this home’s appeal, it will be a Zero Net Energy House, which means it will produce the energy it uses -- a big affordability assist for first-time homeowners.

“RCF has made the commitment to provide the highest level of green efficiency in our new, replacement homes,” says Jim Becker, President and CEO of RCF. “We want to show the world that green efficiency makes sense for houses in affordable neighborhoods, and is not just a feature of luxury homes. Going green makes more sense if everyone does it.”

“We’re proud to be a part of this innovative program, and we applaud this innovative approach to producing affordable housing,” says Rauly Butler, Executive Vice President, Mechanics Bank. Funding for the program comes from special zero-interest, no-coupon bonds issued by the City of Richmond that were purchased by Mechanics Bank. These allow RCF to acquire blighted properties to rehabilitate or replace and sell.

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Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) invites media to a groundbreaking next step for their housing rehabilitation initiative.

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