Wyng Introduces GIF Creator, a Digital Marketing Breakthrough

Powerful New Digital Campaign Format Gives Brands the Ability to Co-Create GIFs with Their Customers

NEW YORK--()--Digital campaign platform Wyng today announced the release of GIF Creator, its latest digital campaign format that allows brands and consumers to co-create personalized GIFs to share across owned social channels. Building on the success of its Photo Lab capability, which has generated more than one million unique views and over one hundred thousand photo submissions since the August 2016 release, Wyng is the first to enable brands to harness the GIF craze in their owned channels.

“We’re excited about the response to campaigns we’ve run with Wyng for Maybelline and essie thus far, and look forward to using GIF Creator for future initiatives.”

GIFs as Mainstream Communication

GIFs are omnipresent in our present-day culture: in fall 2016, popular GIF library app Giphy reported that consumers watched more than two million hours of GIFs per day on its platform alone. For today’s consumers, GIFs have become an important form of communication, and marketers can now tap into this trend to drive buzz for their campaigns. Wyng empowers marketers to do this with the GIF Creator format, boosting campaign participation and social sharing.

“Snapchat sold consumers on the idea of overlaying stickers, frames and filters to photos and videos, personalizing content with the express purpose of sharing across social media, and it’s become crucial for brands to leverage this trend in order to stay engaged with customers,” said Prakash Mishra, Co-Founder and CTO, Wyng. “We are committed to democratizing digital marketing campaign tools so agencies and brands of all sizes can speak to their consumers in an authentic way, and receive valuable first-party data that helps them to measure success.”

Tapping into the Power of Co-Created Content

Wyng developed formats like GIF Creator and Photo Lab to allow brands, communicators and creatives to run digital marketing campaigns that take user-generated content to the next level with co-created consumer content. GIF Creator builds on this experience, allowing consumers to upload their own videos onto a brand campaign microsite, edit down to a two-second snippet to create a looping GIF, and add fun branded frames and stickers to customize. As with the Wyng Photo Lab campaign format, consumers can then share across brand-owned channels and their own social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Running campaigns using the Wyng Photo Lab format has added a new level of customization and creativity to our campaigns, and allowed us to insert the brand directly into the images being shared across our fans’ social networks more organically,” said Ella Tsang, Digital Specialist for Maybelline New York & essie Canada at L'Oréal. “We’re excited about the response to campaigns we’ve run with Wyng for Maybelline and essie thus far, and look forward to using GIF Creator for future initiatives.”

For more information on GIF Creator, visit http://bit.ly/GIF_Creator. With an extensive library of campaign formats, Wyng offers marketers a wealth of options to easily get started building a new campaign, regardless of technical ability. Marketers can browse snapshots of each design, preview how the full campaign will look on both mobile and desktop, and determine the best format to execute their campaign—all made as simple as a matter of dragging and dropping.

About Wyng

Wyng is a digital campaign platform for agencies and brands to build and run campaigns that drive participation and elevate consumer influence. We powered the first Super Bowl hashtag commercial in 2011. Since then, we've continued to evolve our platform to align with shifts in consumer behavior. We help brands create communities—what we call tribes—bound by affinity and connection. Wyng is headquartered in New York City. To learn more, visit Wyng.com.


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