Sodyo Introduces FarQR – The Next Generation QR Code

BINYAMINA, Israel--()--Sodyo is proud to announce the release of a new groundbreaking QR Code – FarQR – solution for broadcasters that is poised to forever change the TV advertising business model. Sodyo’s disruptive technology allows viewers to point their smartphone at the TV screen and scan a FarQR Code that broadcasters place within the content or commercials.

“QR Codes are limited to a short distance range – this was a huge limiting factor”

Sodyo Co-Founders Alex and Rina Alon are thrilled to present the next generation QR Code. “QR Codes are limited to a short distance range – this was a huge limiting factor,” says Alex. “FarQR Codes resolve the distance issue by allowing a detection range of 100 times the size of the code. QR Codes currently have a detection range of 10 times the size of the code. FarQR Codes are a perfect fit for television and outdoor digital. Our current focus is television, because of the obvious need and benefit for TV broadcasters.”

Rina adds, “Broadcasters place a FarQR Code on a commercial. The viewer points their phone to the screen, and interactive content from the broadcaster instantly appears on the phone from any viewing distance. FarQR Codes allow interaction between the two most important screens in our lives – TV and smartphone. Thanks to FarQR Codes, broadcasters can enrich content, engage and captivate the audience in ways they never imagined possible.”

Sodyo CEO Alon Raz is making plans to bring FarQR Codes to other industries. “We are working on expanding our offering to other industries – automobile, machinery and outdoor digital in 2017 and 2018. Imagine the applications of FarQR on cars, machines and even shipping and delivery services.”


Alon Raz
Phone Number: +972-54-499-9363

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Release Summary

Sodyo releases FarQR, the next generation QR Code. FarQR has a detection range of ~100 times the size of the code, as opposed to ~10 times for QR Code. FarQR Codes work on any digital platform.